Product Review: Brothers Mannesmann miter saw 1200W

Product Test Mannesmann miter saw

The brothers Mannesmann GmbH specializes in the import and export of machine tools, which they offer under their name. We want to watch the miter saw M12840 1200W precisely us and undergo an intensive test.

The miter saw is a versatile tool to perform angle and miter cuts, but also to cut on the fly strips to size. For this they should be kept stable in order to avoid cutting errors have adequate safety precautions and are easy to operate with sufficient power.

With 1200 watts the saw from the house of the brothers Mannesmann should have enough power to implement simple tasks in the home workshop. As a special feature is advertised with a laser-cut indicator and even a second finer blade for clean cuts has been settled.

Contents: Product Test of the brothers Mannesmann miter saw 1200W

  • Technical specifications
  • Adequate supplies in a package that offers little protection
  • Manual - short, concise and well
  • After the first impression just hope remains
  • unstable security
  • Frighteningly warped saw table
  • Strong saw cuts with lots of games
  • Blade change with consequences
  • Conclusion for Mannesmann miter saw Product Test

Technical specifications

Product Information:

  • Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Power: 1200 watts
  • Idle speed: 4500 min-1
  • Saw blade size: 210 mm x 3,0 mm (30 mm bore)
  • Miter cuts: 2 x 45 ° with latching function
  • Orientation: infinitely 0 - 45 °
  • Sound pressure level 94 dB
  • Laser: Class 2 at up to 1 mW
  • Power Laser: 2 x 1.5 V AAA

Adequate supplies in a package that offers little protection

Already in lifting the carton is striking that the miter saw is very easy. Precisely when sawing a stable and heavy construction is expected, but a lightweight necessarily a disadvantage and we will not be of the determination (still) influence. negatively affected us, the fact that it rattles metallically in the box. If it is about to return goods that are already off and then re-wrapped? No, the packaging and tape are intact and obviously much emphasis is not placed on the content. A few bags for the saw, items and the additional blade and otherwise everything remains loose in the box. Although the teeth of the saw blade replacement is protected by an extra silicone jacket, yet it is not fixed, can damage the saw or even damaged by the loose parts of the table extension. The first impression is not the best in this package unfortunately.

Mannesmann miter saw packagingItems loose in boxincluded supplyincluded supply

The accessory comprises a further blade, table extensions, a dust bag, a tensioning device as well as a hexagonal wrench, which is required to change the saw blade. That's not much, but is roughly equivalent to the required standard. It would be desirable only a Phillips screwdriver is needed to fix the table mount. A combination of keys for changing the saw blade and the mounting of the table extensions would also serve the same purpose and provide for less hardware.

Manual - short, concise and well

Mannesmann miter saw manualManual Mannesmann miter saw

The manual offers no special surprises, but also leaves no questions unanswered. Like many manufacturers, it divides into two books, the manual and the general safety instructions, which is useful in any case. However, we were uncertain as control numbers were marked in the text, but there was to see any pictures. After a quick browsing we found it folded out into the back cover. A previously seen positioning, which, however, certainly does. If the cover folded out with pictures, can be read and check the numbered items in the artwork, the entire text of the manual. Why is the fold-out page is at the end, is not comprehensible, but who knows, characterized has no limitations and operating instructions can be found basic functions. A bit more information about sawing wood and the use of different saw blades would be, but welcome. It is limited to the saw itself and the available accessories.

After the first impression just hope remains

As described initially, the saw fell on the enormous flyweight, which was apparently not achieved by the use of special materials. The foot is, as with most saws of this type of an aluminum casting. Unfortunately, this not only impresses with very thin walls, but also by material errors, which are clearly visible on the saw table. This does not interfere with the operation though, but leave to the processing of materials with low-quality close.

Material error on the table surfaceMany material defectsDust bag is not jammedDust bag is not jammed

the first impression when stability control is further tarnished. The entire saw head with Kappfunktion can also wobble as the turntable. Clearance was obviously very important. However, the rotation function for adjusting the angle snaps good one, has a relatively small amount of play and can be secured in addition. Whether it is good that the clamping screw this presses on the smooth surface of the turntable, it will show over time.

For dust and chip disposal Mannesmann miter saw has a suction connection which can be provided with small work with a dust bag. Here, the minor inconveniences continued and the spring for fixing is much too large. Therefore, the dust collection rate is just over the suction and has no clamping action. but chips are collected as effectively so that we can judge by the practical test.

unstable security

Unstable but working lowering interruptUnstable but working lowering interrupt

Security should be a top priority at just saws and so the saw has a blade guard that covers the blade when lifting. Albeit very unstable, the blade guard additionally prevents unintentional lowering of the head. Unfortunately ugly is the material used. It is quite brittle and therefore it can happen that the protection will be damaged during handling or sawn-off pieces or breaks. This would have not only a lack of coverage results in the saw could be further reduced without operating the locking lever, as it only uses the shield as a lock. Sure, this function can be solved in such a way only should the guard then be made of steel or another stable material. Many points can not collect the Mannesmann miter saw in security therefore.

Really liked the angle markings that are strongly pronounced and therefore easy to read. This concerns the miter, and tilt angle indicator. And the laser is characterized very well on the wood. The fact that he needs an extra battery compartment and must be turned on externally, does not constitute a special feature and is being implemented by many manufacturers at that form. The required batteries are included with the package.

GehrunswinkelskalaGehrunswinkelskalaBevel scaleBevel scaleLaser-cut displayLaser-cut displayBattery compartment for laserBattery compartment for laser

Frighteningly warped saw table

The additional table extensions are used to safely hang up even long pieces of material. It is important that the table extensions have the same height as the saw table. To test this, we have launched a spirit level and had to be astonished that not only the extensions are significantly below the table height. The rotary saw table is curved and is located higher than the side surfaces on which the material is stretched. The huge difference is characterized with a test angle significantly and lead to a dangerous situation during cutting. Is on one side a strip of wood on a table crowned curious, the other side levers up and lies during the cutting operation not on the saw table on what is very clearly visible on the final image. Characterized saw cuts are not perpendicular springs and the material.

arched saw tablearched saw tableSaw table higher than clamping surfaceSaw table higher than clamping surfaceTable extensions too lowTable extensions too lowWorkpiece is notWorkpiece is not

Strong saw cuts with lots of games

After quite a frightening first impression, we will still perform cutting tests, but limit ourselves because of the curved table and the poor stretchiness of the material on some test cuts.

With a press of the on-off switch Mannesmann 1200 W runs on jerky and without soft start, which would be probably too much to ask in this price range. With the thumb of the blade guard is unlocked and the saw can be reduced while the blade guard opens. She runs a saw accordance quite noisy and there should be a hearing protection be worn. However, compared to other miter saws it is not loud and joins in midfield. The immersion in the material is hardly noticeable and the built coarse blade cuts sovereign. Even the use of the maximum depth of cut at a 80 bar not impressed the saw. Here is the name "coarse blade" to take only limited literally. The saw cut is clean and absolutely nothing is fraying at the cut edge. Plenty of power and a good saw blade give a perfect cutting result.

Laser-cutLaser-cutGame in the lowering deviceGame in the lowering device

The first light gate after laser marking is that it is well aligned and runs absolutely parallel to the section. However, if the game of lowering yielded during sawing, is showing the enormous unstable structure at the saw cut significantly. About 3 mm can be pressed to the left and about 1.5 mm to right the lowering device. This is too much, because the saw will take on hard woods alone this game and precise cuts are no longer possible.

Almost exact scale displayAlmost exact scale displayAngle approximately agreesAngle approximately agrees

To test the angular adjustment of an angle of 45 ° is set, and then placed the two Sägestücke each other. Agrees with the preset angle, then an exactly right angle of 90 ° should occur. the photo shows a small deviation, but certainly not a problem. Due to temperature variations or transport the stops can be adjusted and must be readjusted in the construction of the saw. Expensive brand appliances of which are sometimes not excluded.

The same applies to the laser and the length specification at the stop. This is about 1.5 mm too far left to laser position. However, all the angles, scale or attacks can be aligned, what should happen at each saw initially on test pieces. We therefore do not see these small deviations as a negative point.

Blade change with consequences

No problem with thick beamsNo problem with thick beamsHowever, the fine blade failsHowever, the fine blade fails

After the coarse blade was absolutely impressed, now followed by a change of the blade on the enclosed fine saw blade, which turned out to be not easy. According to the manual, the clamping screw should go and something to be greased again - in the assembly which was apparently forgotten. Alone with the supplied Allen key the screw was loose. Only with a lever extension they had to convince. The hexagon keys were still seen no trace of this convinced anyway. The next steps for sheet change, however, degenerate into a fiddly job. Although the saw of the brothers Mannesmann can be locked in the lowest position, whereby the protective sheet remains open, and the screw is released, however, the sheet can not be removed in this way. Finally, the Kappfunktion remained above the blade guard was kept manually open and saw blade, disc, flange and bolt were fastened with a lot of patience and a hand.

The dust bag can convinceThe dust bag can convince

Shortly after the sheet changes, however, it became clear that this must be carried out again. A short Sägeversuch on a thin particle board made an absolutely useless blade significantly. Hardly cutting feed, the section runs and burns the wood. A subsequent test on a piece of soft Leimholz had the same result. This blade is unusable.

Finally, the little clampable chip bag surprised with a pretty good result. Circular saws and miter saws in particular tend to distribute their chips far. Even with an active exhaust, the results are often unsatisfactory and the Mannesmann miter saw 1200W does not remain spared. However amazing land many chips - about 70% - in the designated collection bag. The photo shows the comparison, the front, the chips from the chip bag, behind the surrounding on the workbench. For a miter saw without active suction quite a good result.

Conclusion for Mannesmann miter saw Product Test

Mannesmann miter saw Product Test

With a price range of currently about 85 € (Source Amazon) can be safely expect a mature and high-quality tools. Due to a high-torque motor and a first-class blade Mannesmann miter saw can still score a little. Even the dust bag and the laser to cut display do a good job. Even when compressed air should be available after a few cuts to clean the laser. With a cloth that is not possible.

These few good points, but can not detract from the overall test result. Thin walls and an unstable structure make dimensionally accurate cuts to gambling and are limited to soft materials. With the enclosed finer saw blade saw cuts are completely impossible.

Ultimately led the spoiled saw table and the different installation heights, resulting in wood does not plan and above all can not be sure tension to which we can not give our buy recommendation. To cut every now and then a bar, should be sufficient, the cutting accuracy, but safety comes first and should have top priority. Where parts not flat on the saw table and let this not tension, security is not given and this tool should not be used. Therefore, we must advise against a purchase.

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