Product Review: cordless circular saw 18 PHKSA Li-B2 Parkside

Tool Lidl in the test

Cordless circular saw 18 PHKSA Li-B2 Parkside

Those who buy cheap, buy twice. We are too poor to buy cheap. - These awards certainly knows everyone, but is there any truth to these claims? It is sometimes cheaper, every two years to buy a cheap discounter tool rather than equal to an expensive brand-name product for many years? From this point we would like to continue to take the bargain deals under the microscope.

Lidl has with the brand Parkside regular tools at very reasonable prices which obviously enjoying quite popular. Currently part of a small series of cordless tools to the program, which can all be used with a battery.

In the program, for example, the cordless circular saw PHKSA 18-Li B2 for the lowest € 59.99. Comparable brand models cost three times as fast. May we at this price difference at all from "comparable" talk or walk in this case the worlds far apart? Our next test will tell.

Contents: cordless circular saw 18 PHKSA Li-B2 Parkside

  • Technical specifications
  • Packaging and delivery
  • An exemplary manual
  • The first impression surprised
  • The practical test for performance and accuracy
  • An absolutely unexpected test result

Technical specifications

Product Information:

  • Battery: 18V Li-Io 1.5 Ah
  • Idle speed: 3800 min-1
  • Saw blade: ∅ 150 mm x 16 mm x 1 mm ∅
  • Max. Cutting depth at 90 °: 48 mm
  • . Max cutting depth at 45 °: 36 mm
  • Battery charging time: about 60 minutes
  • Optional extras:

    • Laser-cut display
    • rip fence
    • Battery status indicator
    • Battery Family with additional tools

Packaging and delivery

At first glance, the packaging makes a solid and very handy impression. All information can be found in and on the bottom are all technical specifications. Externally there is therefore nothing to criticize.

On the cover is a clear reference to 18 V battery-family to find who is authorized and makes sense. Finally already many brand manufacturers have recognized the trend and reacted at now very many tools. One advantage is certainly the manufacturer who must produce fewer types of batteries and the buyer in addition "persuaded"Even to stay in the future with his tools. Because many buyers, however, like to focus on consistent quality and save money with fewer different chargers or countless batteries, battery-families are very often used. Parkside is likely to be one of the first manufacturers cheaper tools, jumping on the train, if the quality is right and there is a purchase of additional tools worth a good decision.

Open the package content looks very interesting. The saw is held by two transparent shells, which clearly specify the arrangement of the content and take advantage of the available space optimally. Thus, the carton is easy to use for permanent housing of the saw. expected a suitcase at a purchase price of around € 60 would certainly much too high. Anyone considering to use a different case or to build can safely use the transparent shells for this well as a deposit - a plus for this thoughtful and yet effective packaging.

Handy packaging with all detailsHandy packaging with all detailsMeaningful design of the packagingMeaningful design of the packagingsupplied accessoriessupplied accessories

The included accessories is very limited, but this is not untypical of circular saws. The delivery involves the cordless circular saw, a 18-volt lithium-ion battery, a quick charger, an Allen key to the blade change, an adapter for dust extraction as well as the mandatory rip fence. It is therefore all contain what is needed. This point has mastered the Parkside saw with flying colors and so far no trade-offs must be made by a reasonable price.

An exemplary manual

Clear and well-explanatory manualClear and well-explanatory manual

The battery-saw with an operating manual in A5 format, which, despite seven languages ​​retains a clear impression. The front flap folds out, showing three images with a marking of all individual parts and controls. Clearly every detail can be seen. Furthermore, the technical data, information supplied and the mandatory safety instructions to the workplace, handling tools, electrical and special cordless tools follow. All content is clearly arranged and easy to read.

The range for operating the saw has four sides and is very well explained to the item descriptions in the outer cover. Even an indication to order a replacement battery is not missing. Shipping is free here, as well as a specified service number.

The first impression surprised

Anyone who has been kept cheap tool in the hands know, certainly this brittle, smooth plastic, which is very thin. Slightly glazed, he gives the impression as if you could see through the built-in technology and he is initiated somewhere, burst quickly from the first corner. Of these, the Parkside PHKSA 18-Li B2 is miles away. Were it not for the thick sticker with the Parkside lettering, is meant to keep a good brand device in hand: a clean processing, a good grip and no cheap, come loose paper stickers - anything reminiscent of a discounter tool.

Rather the opposite is the case and the green, slightly rough surface is comparable cordless saw a brand manufacturer confusingly similar - whether the intention is we leave the room, as it will certainly not be confusion. Parkside tools are currently only be ordered Lidl and Lidl online shop, thus making it possible to exclude the confusion thought.

Easy to read angle adjustmentEasy to read angle adjustmentSignificant cutting depth adjustmentSignificant cutting depth adjustmentSpindle lock for blade changeSpindle lock for blade change

Note the red controls and levers, which - except for the battery bottom - featuring only switch and adjustment. So they are easy to spot, and even the most hidden lock button is clearly visible. All controls are within easy reach, angle and cutting depth adjustment are smooth and easy to read scale. Likewise, the base plate has a clear cut mark with scale for 90 ° and 45 ° cuts. only the blade guard is compared to some more expensive models made of plastic, but looks very solid and not brittle. In this case, we see, as well as some brand manufacturers, no concerns.

Interesting is the choice of baseplate, which consists of a shaped sheet steel in very many circular saws. Parkside is in this case a die-cast aluminum. Whether this is a good decision to be seen after the first accidental fall and a possible fracture of the plate. At the moment, this decision is very good, because the base plate is completely straight and level, which can not be said of many steel base plates. In addition, the base plate has a small screw with can be precisely adjusted to the 90 ° position of the saw blade.

Significant battery indicator on batterySignificant battery indicator on batteryjust perfect base platejust perfect base plateAdjusting for 90 ° cutsAdjusting for 90 ° cuts

What is sadly lacking in many low-cost cordless tools, offers the cordless circular saw Parkside - a Battery status indicator. This is not in the device, but the battery, which can thus be checked when removed. One red, yellow and green LEDs clearly show the current state of charge. Equally clear is the Laser display for cut. How exactly this works, the practical test will show.

So the first evaluation is completed and so far we could find nothing the Parkside PHKSA 18-Li B2 different from an expensive brand model.

The practical test for performance and accuracy

Orientation along the scribe mark with a guide aidOrientation along the scribe mark with a guide aidVery precise cutting resultsVery precise cutting results

Our first cut test was the Laser-cut, which the Parkside cordless circular saw has passed very well. For this, a 16 mm clamping plate was touched and thereafter a guide rail (also Parkside) aligned. This was subsequently used as a stop and the test setup illustrated very good, on the one hand, the laser display very straight runs to the base plate and on the other hand also be cut very exactly on the line indicated. Whether the laser display left, center the cutting edge is used right or is probably rather unimportant at a 1.6 mm thick blade. Our test tool, the laser display ran roughly in the middle of the cut. An adjustment is not specified in the manual, but probably at a small lateral screw possible. In the first cut test the saw Parkside shows no weaknesses and shines with a clean cutting result.

Set angle of 45 °Set angle of 45 °Correct Score of 90 °Correct Score of 90 °

Our focus continues on the accuracy and applies the Cutting depth and angle adjustment. For this purpose, the angular displacement is set to 45 ° and the cut wood then rotated relative superimposed. Is the angle of intersection exact 45 °, then a right angle of 90 ° should occur. the cut value also differs from only by 1 ° that this test clearly shows that deviates by merging the cut edges of the test angle by 2 °. The result is frighteningly accurate. Although the depth of cut has not quite been enough and the cut pieces therefore something must be merged offset results in an absolutely exact right angle.

Setting cutting depth 30 mmSetting cutting depth 30 mmAccurate measurement 30 mmAccurate measurement 30 mm

The cutting depth adjustment puts us a little astonished. The set cutting depth of 30 mm 30.0 mm results in a test with the depth of a measuring slider. This means accurate to one-tenth. How are those results possible with a simple embossed scale? Are we really a discounter tool before us?

is interesting test of parallel stop. As with many saw it lies very far forward, which he claims only when preparing the exact measure. On a straight guide the saw should be taken manually. When checking the adjusted scale to measure 40 mm we could breathe easy: we finally have found a mistake! The sawn piece measure only 38.6 mm and thus was 1.4 mm too small. Under closer examination, however, noticed that the measure was not exactly set to almost half a millimeter and the marking line and not be located centrally on the right side of the cut and the right cutting edge. If the two carelessness added (half blade width 0.8 mm + 0.4 mm Einstellungesfehler) still remains an uncertainty of 0.2 mm, which can be neglected safely. Again, the Parkside PHKSA 18-Li B2 can therefore absolutely shine.

Rip fence is placed well forwardRip fence is placed well forwardDimensional adjustment rip fenceDimensional adjustment rip fenceMeasured cutting widthMeasured cutting width

After the saw could show with a sharp blade exactly how it works, there is now no more consideration and it is cutting whatever may be found. A few cuts with maximum delivery by a spruce beams, plywood, hard beech laminated wood, acacia, 38 mm fir glulam and a found branch in maximum cutting depth were sawed. Up to a speed reduction when something harder beech laminated wood, the result was the same everywhere: The Parkside saw struck. Sure they could be bringing with thick hardwood to the limit, but we want to test under typical workshop conditions and because a relatively small cordless circular saw is certainly not used for heavy hardwoods.

As a note should also be mentioned that the battery indicator light still glows green after all cutting tests and not really representing the specified maximum cutting depth of 48 mm at maximum - our measurement showed 50 mm.

Maximum cutting depth reaches 50 mmMaximum cutting depth reaches 50 mmThe PHKSA 18-Li B2 is hard to impressThe PHKSA 18-Li B2 is hard to impress

An absolutely unexpected test result

Cordless circular saw 18 PHKSA Li-B2 Parkside

We did not expect it and certainly no one would have been angry to have to make at a cordless circular saw for about 60 € concessions. But a comprehensive test has shown that even at this very low price no defects must be taken into account.

The Parkside PHKSA 18-Li B2 provides a cordless saw correspondingly more than enough power and affords neither the angle nor in the cutting depth adjustment weaknesses. The laser-cut indicator shows the exact cutting path and the dust extraction works extremely effectively. With an absolutely straight base it cuts everything you come by this with a precision that it does not differ from an expensive professional equipment.

Our conclusion can only be described with five stars, for which purpose the price must not be included. Even in a higher price range, the bargain from Lidl would have reached full five stars. Generally valid sayings about Discounter tools there are, therefore, not because these cordless circular saw proves that good does not always expensive. The Lidl accompanied additionally with 3 years warranty.