Product Review - Gartenmeister battery grass trimmer GM LI 1825

Product Review - Gartenmeister battery grass trimmer GM LI-1825

For some it is a burden, and for others a hobby - mowing the lawn. However, working with a lawnmower alone is often not sufficient. There are edges, corners, bushes or other obstacles on which can not be work cleanly with a lawn mower. The final touch is only possible with a grass trimmer or a grass trimmer.

A hindrance when finally processed with the trimmer all corners and edges, and unplug the power cord must afterwards. A mobile lawn trimmers with petrol engine is heavy and often oversized. therefore, a cordless lawn trimmer is a good alternative. However, if the battery power is sufficient and a cordless trimmer offers the same advantages as a cable machine, our test of the cordless lawn trimmer GM LI 1825 will show by master gardener.

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  • Technical specifications
  • Simple packaging and easy assembly
  • A clear manual
  • The first impression is solid
  • Not exactly quiet but strong
  • Conclusion to the garden Master Battery grass trimmer GM LI 1825

Technical specifications

manufacturer's instructions

  • Battery voltage: 18 V
  • Battery capacity: 1.5 Ah lithium-ion
  • Working width: 25 cm
  • Cutting system: nylon knife
  • Cutting head adjustment: 4-way angle adjustment and 180 ° rotation
  • Running time: 30 minutes / 60 minutes idle
  • Charging time: 3 - 5 hours
  • Height adjustment: telescopic rod with adjustable auxiliary handle
  • Weight: 1.93 kg

Simple packaging and easy assembly

simple packingsimple packing

When packing do not expect any big surprises. A simple box in which the trimmer and necessary items are stowed. A real case would assume unwieldy proportions in a lawn trimmer and so we are absolutely satisfied with this variant.

If you prefer to pack their lawn trimmer in winter and store in the attic or in the workshop, however, is forced to remove the protective cover over again because the grass trimmer built no longer fits in the box.

As simple as the packaging, the structure of the GM-LI 1825. The additional handle designed to be placed over the telescopic tube and fixed, and after the protective cover has been fitted and screwed together, the blade holder can be attached. More than a standard Phillips screwdriver is not required for the construction. All in all, a quick and easy operation when the nuts were a little better fixed to attach the protective cover and thus the screws were easier to insert. But who does not split his lawn trimmer regularly is probably never again in front of this little hurdle.

A clear manual

Clear images in the user manualClear images in the user manual

More an instruction manual does not have. With four languages ​​the content is kept within limits and can not be a thick book from a small manual. The content is clearly designed and even if the German content includes only seven pages, each paragraph is neatly listed in a table of contents. Clear images on the front pages explain all the items and functions. In the following text, but the functionality and safety are explained in additional detail. but is somewhat incomprehensible the arrangement. Regarding the installation, as well as to work with the trimmer should like before on.

Noticeable is also that the operator's obviously no longer corresponds entirely to the prior art. Obviously, there is now a new battery model with built-in battery status indicator, but why is there no mention in the manual. push a button and interpret four LED's, but it should be possible even without manual.

The first impression is solid

Built-up battery grass trimmer GM LI 1825Built-up battery grass trimmer GM LI 1825

Let's look at the specifications, it is noticeable that the GM-LI 1825 fits well into the ranks of its competitors. With about 2 kg, it is one of the lighter devices and is not safe to load. Even the 18 V lithium-ion battery is now standard, and the battery capacity of 1.5 Ah should be sufficient for the required work. Although other manufacturers now offer batteries with more capacity. Only the charger with its specified charging time of up to 5 hours should be happy dimensioned slightly larger. A sufficient battery charge, to meet all the necessary work, the charging time is certainly a minor matter. Finally, the charger has the necessary electronics and the battery can remain safely be longer or even overnight on the charging station.

Very positively the integrated battery status indicator falls on. Unlike many tools is this not in the device itself, but in the battery. Pressing the display button and the battery informed by four LEDs on his condition. To this end, this need not be located in the unit. A plus point at which other tool manufacturers are welcome to take one example.

are practical as well as the adjustment. With a quick twist of the height adjustment, the telescopic tube can be adapted to the body size or reduce the trimmer on Verstaugröße. The amount of the additional handle can also be adjusted. Depending on body size, of course, also the bracket GM-LI 1825. But here Gartenmeister has made provisions changes and provides an angular adjustment of the cutting head on. For a comfortable posture at work is guaranteed for everyone. For an additional wager the rotation of the telescopic tube makes. So that the cutting head is vertical and it can also be the edges of the lawn get in shape.

Easy and quick height adjustmentEasy and quick height adjustmentBattery with integrated status displayBattery with integrated status display

Not exactly quiet but strong

After we theoretically have checked all the features it comes with the cordless grass trimmer from Gartenmeister on the lawn. Here we see and hear his work significantly. He is comparable loud and almost with a small lawn mower. That would not have expected this handy device. but added Traut we would have him not his pulling power. Clean it draws its cut through the grass and can hardly impress of a wet lawn.

Test range of Gartenmeister GM LI 1825Test range of Gartenmeister GM LI 1825

Somewhat more difficult it is, however, to keep the height of cut evenly. For corrections at the edges rather problematic, but who wants to trim small lawns, a leadership will be missed for uniform working height. rare but often competitors offer this though in the basic equipment on, as an accessory. Unfortunately, the cordless trimmer of Gartenmeister provides no means for attaching a wheel location. For this is he feels good in your hand, superbly meets the entire test area on a single charge and has not yet reached its limit. The battery with 1.5 Ah is therefore not undersized.

encountered as with many other trimmers meanwhile, also Gartenmeister uses nylon knife instead of the now apparently outdated coil. These knives are rotatably supported and set by the centrifugal force. This has the advantage that they fold at obstacles and thus can not be easily damaged. In addition, a metal bar protects the distance display plants from damage. Nevertheless, of course, the nylon blades are subject to wear. In the test case, the lawn was easily cut with a knife, and accompanying 40 replacement blade should be longer than a year rich.

Unlike, for example Bosch, comes in the GM LI 1825 only a knife used. While this reduces the cutting resistance, however, brings a slight imbalance with and could cause loud operating noise.

Low wear of the nylon knifeLow wear of the nylon knifeClean cut in the lawnClean cut in the lawn

Conclusion to the garden Master Battery grass trimmer GM LI 1825

Product Review - Gartenmeister battery grass trimmer GM LI 1825

The cordless lawn trimmer GM LI 1825 comes quite simply in a plain cardboard box. He quickly constructed and can convince with functionality and a powerful engine. Safely and without noticeable performance loss he cuts through any lawn and can be used universally by its many adjustment options, as well as adapt to any body size.

Like many other new models, is also the GM LI 1825 nylon knife and says goodbye to the coil. Disadvantages are therefore not to be recognized and be accompanied by adequate replacement knife. What is striking is its battery status indicator, which is integrated into the battery. any time it allows the control of the battery without having to insert it into the device. One advantage that even many expensive brand-name manufacturers have not beaten.

However, trade-offs must be made in the volume. Almost like a small lawn mower, he shows his power not only, but also makes audible attention. Nevertheless, he wirtschaftet it sparingly and the cutting performance was enough in the test significantly over 30 minutes.

Who can get used to the volume, is a solid grass trimmer with enough power and endurance in the garden Master GM-LI 1825th Many spare blades guarantee a long replenishment and many well-kept lawn edges. Four stars for a solid, strong but not silent tool.

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