Product Review - reciprocating saw Bosch PSA 18 LI

Reciprocating saw Bosch PSA 18 LI

Contorion, the online store of handicraft and industrial supplies, has invited us to a product testing and cordless reciprocating saw PSA 18 LI from Bosch made available for this purpose.

Cordless tools are in vogue and increasingly powerful LI batteries expand the range of usable tools. the use of more limited earlier cordless drill, as well as more powerful devices can be operated with battery and used independently of an existing power source today. Especially in the garden or the job site a tremendous asset. The cordless reciprocating saw PSA 18 LI from Bosch fits into this concept comes primarily in the garden or at the construction site use and is one of the power-hungry tools. Our test will show whether a cordless tool that meets these requirements.

Contents: Product Test - reciprocating saw Bosch PSA 18 LI

  • Technical data Bosch PSA 18 LI
  • Power4All - the trend in cordless power tools
  • Packaging the Bosch PSA 18 LI
  • Manual is multilingual available
  • The first impression is strong
  • A practical test with lots of power
  • Conclusion for reciprocating saw Bosch PSA 18 LI

Technical data Bosch PSA 18 LI

Product Information:

  • Battery voltage: 18 V lithium ion
  • Stroke length 22 mm
  • No-load speed: 0 to 2,800 min-1
  • Base plate: Steel
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • maximum depth of cut in wood: 100 mm
  • maximum depth of cut in steel: 20 mm
  • Saw blade holder: Bosch SDS

Power4All - the trend in cordless power tools

Power4All is a proper name of Bosch, which denotes a family of tools, which are equipped with a single battery system. This means that each of these tools can be operated with the same battery and theoretically only a battery and a charger for an ever-growing range of cordless tools are needed. This saves the collection of countless chargers and thus reduces costs. Required tools can be purchased but with battery and charger also cheaper than the base unit without battery. If other tools purchased with battery power, the batteries can, however swapped. Instead of two tools with one battery, one now enriches each tool with a replaceable battery. is a sophisticated system, which also includes the reciprocating saw PSA is one of 18 LI and therefore carry the Power4All logo.

Packaging the Bosch PSA 18 LI

Packaging the Bosch PSA 18 LIPackaging the Bosch PSA 18 LI

As already mentioned in the declaration on Power4All system, batteries and chargers can be replaced. Since we are already available battery, we decided for the base model without battery and charger. However, the board has enough space to accommodate a battery charger and battery.

However, we are missing a suitcase just for a reciprocating saw. The saw is not among the daily use of tools and is often transported when needed. A suitcase would be more than just practical in this case.

since we "just" the base model have acquired acquired, of course, keeps the accessory within limits. However, a first blade for wood and metal and is the first work is thus possible. Matching saw blades are widely available and start at about € 10.

Manual is multilingual available

The reciprocating saw PSA 18 LI can be turned on, has a "Turbo circuit" and the saw blade can be changed or rotated. All in all quite simple and an instruction manual is only conditionally required. Saying that all information fit on eight pages. Nevertheless, the operating instructions comprises a total of 80 pages and is extended by another band with nearly 100 pages. While allowing a Europe-wide shipping, but also wastes resources and who wants to cancel the manual must store more than necessary.

Content, there is nothing to fault in the manual. The writing is quite small and so fit on six pages of text lots of information on the safety and use. Two sides meaningful graphics indicate the individual parts and uses. However, for the numbering of the parts, it is necessary that can be scrolled in the instructions and the drawings wherein are no longer visible. Either you now scrolls up and down or take the second issue at hand can be found in the same images.

At the manual Bosch should like to work a little longer.

The first impression is strong

Reciprocating saw Bosch PSA 18 LIReciprocating saw Bosch PSA 18 LI

Battery powered tools such as cordless drill or jigsaw are many common. Now we have a reciprocating saw with a total length of 43 cm (without blade!) In hand. That's a remarkable caliber of tool and can doubt the battery performance. With such a large device, it can work with battery pack effectively? We will test it.

Overall, the PSA 18 LI makes a usual solid impression. The rear handle is partially rubberized and the front completely. The saw is thus securely in your hand and can hold quite well with one hand even despite their size. As with all saws, there are the usual safety switch to prevent accidental switching on, plus a turbo switch. One might suspect that the saw blade so runs faster, but this is not so. The manual clarifies that it is a switchable pendulum. What he does, we will see the practical part.

Switchable turbo gearSwitchable turbo gearSafety switch to prevent accidental switchingSafety switch to prevent accidental switching

A task light 18 LI has been dropped with the PSA, we can completely sympathize with and what we do not miss. For clean cuts that need good lighting, a reciprocating saw is not intended. What we miss are LEDs for battery status display. The saber saw is a powerful tool hungry and you sit only on the tree, is an empty battery more than annoying.

A practical test with lots of power

The first impression in the practical test, can be described in one word - Power! To have the PSA 18 LI definitely what is quickly apparent when cut. Only with great feeling she can start exactly on a scribe.

Quick-release device on the PSA 18 LIQuick-release device on the PSA 18 LIA little tight when the stroke is positioned at the backA little tight when the stroke is positioned at the back

But before the first timber can be cut, of course, the blade should be clamped. For this, a small red lever on the quick release must be pushed forward and the saw blade only be inserted. Spring force and an extra stylus keep it completely safe and also the change works well. Only when the stroke in the back sitting and no blade is clamped, it is a bit tight to get a finger behind the lever. The hub can also manually move and the blade change nothing stands in the way.

As previously written, the reciprocating saw has a lot of power and runs accordingly going afloat. Even without pendulum Turbo a 60 x 80 mm bar in 19 seconds separately. The pendulum brings additional time savings of three seconds. Saying that it is hardly possible as to saw precisely along the scribe mark. Those who want a clean first cut, has to work with a lot of feeling.

Cutting with the reciprocating saw Bosch PSA 18 LICutting with the reciprocating saw Bosch PSA 18 LIImmersion in 18 mm LeimholzImmersion in 18 mm Leimholz

Likewise, emotional and immersion in 18 mm laminated wood can be done. With a lot of bluster and rarely very accurate, however, it is possible. However, one counts the time spent on immersion or rework by an inaccurate bleed it, it is probably more effective to resort to another tool. What is in this case, however, the function, and is not on the tester.

Loss in power can be felt in any way. Maybe even a little too rough, the saber fights through anything. The specified maximum cutting depth of 100 mm in wood is to be regarded more as a guideline. In our experiment, two wooden beams were cut with a total thickness of 120 mm easily and the maximum was not present noticeable. The tested metal section was separated quickly and with no visible marks on the blade. However, the gate should be carried out again with great feeling. The standard sheet combination is quite coarse and especially with the metal PSA jumps 18 LI powerful over the material.

20 mm more than the specified maximum depth of cut20 mm more than the specified maximum depth of cutA bit bumpy but quickly steel is separatedA bit bumpy but quickly steel is separated

Also fresh Wood, the PSA 18 LI can not impress. Strong she struggles through each branch and makes it neat chips. With or without a pendulum stroke, difficulty she hardly knows. Located in the section but then the battery and had said goodbye to be changed. At the latest at this point we have again missed the battery condition, a simple LED display. With a new battery it went on and the enormous power was quickly forget the dropouts.

Conclusion for reciprocating saw Bosch PSA 18 LI

Testseal reciprocating saw Bosch PSA 18 LI

Wow! At first we were a little skeptical that a reciprocating saw to function with battery and especially can muster enough power. Now we can confirm that the Bosch PSA 18 LI more than enough power. On this point, they would receive a full five stars from us. They fulfilled their task to 100%, struggles through any material and shows no weaknesses. With battery, it is flexible and always at hand. As an additional advantage is to be noted that the reciprocating saw belongs to Power4All family of Bosch and thus the battery is interchangeable with other tools.

However, a few trade-offs must be made at the comfort in our estimation. At a case we have to do without regret and also the lack of battery status display makes a replacement battery is essential. The battery range is in such a high-powered device, of course, not endless, but surprised with an acceptable endurance.

Finally, we can give 18 LI from Bosch our Buy recommendation for the reciprocating saw PSA and thank who made us this test.

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