Safe sealing around the house

Raincoat, umbrella or rubber boots - our one always has the right clothes in the closet in order to protect themselves from the threat of moisture in autumn and winter. That house and apartment are threatened but much more of rain and frost, mostly forgotten. In this case can at penetrating moisture dangerous damage in building material - such. As the summer house - arise. Therefore: make house and garden weatherproof and seal properly - with Sista Universal sealing repair.

Surveys show that half of all homeowners and home improvement seen in the moisture, the biggest problem for houses and apartments. No wonder, are the burdens on sealing materials based on bitumen, such as on the roof of a garden house, numerous: scorching heat in summer, cold and wet in winter. As this sealing material is aging faster than is dear to the home improvement: it becomes brittle and loses its elasticity, resulting in crack formation. Thanks Sista Universal sealing repair the ends here. The ready-to high-tech silicone sealant provides significant advantages over asphalt or other sealing systems: It forms a completely waterproof, highly flexible and long-term tight 100% layer and is therefore ideal for repairing leaks all over your house.
Sista Universal sealing repair interior and exterior is recommended for roofs and walls, water drains, balconies or terraces, as well as for basements or areas.
The silicone composition is water-based solvent-free, odorless and adheres to almost all common building materials - even on wet surfaces or old bitumen. Sista Universal sealing repair is ultraviolet, weather and temperature from -50 ° C to + 150 ° C and forms after curing for 12- 24 hours, a completely tack-free and completely dense surface.
The difference at 100% of silicone composition is applied by brush or roller. Thereby requiring only one job and everything is absolutely tight. Another advantage: In contrast to the use of products based on bitumen brush, roller, dirty hands or clothes can be easily washed off immediately with clean water after work.
The product is available in gray and black, for use at terminals in the 300-ml cartridge, for the scale application, the product is available in a handy bucket.
So, do not hesitate, but do with Sista Universal sealing repair all leaks at the house waterproof - in fact even before it rains or the garden shed drips the rain gutter.