Puppet theater for Kasper

Puppet theater for Kasper

Contents: build puppet theater itself

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  • Puppet theater: building instructions

material list

  • Glued spruce, 18 mm:
  • Laterals: 500 x 300 mm, 2 pieces (1)
  • Rear wall: 1000 x 300 mm, 1 piece (2)
  • Cover plate: 1000 x 200 mm, 1 piece (3)
  • Cover plate: 1000 x 300 mm, 1 piece (4)
  • General purpose board (vertical supports), 95 x 19 mm, 1850 mm, 2 pieces (5)
  • General purpose board, 95 x 19 mm, 1300 mm, 2 pieces (6)
  • Tongue and groove boards, 110 x 19 mm, 962 mm, 9 pieces (7)
  • MDF board (crown), 12 mm, 450 x 320 mm, 1 piece (8)
  • MDF board (box bottom), 19 mm, ca. 274 x 374 mm, 3 pieces (9)
  • Batten, 18 x 36 mm, 50 mm, 2 (10)
  • Batten, 18 x 36 mm, 160 mm, 2 piece (11)
  • General purpose crates, 400 x 300 x 230 mm, 3 pieces (12)
  • Hinges, 3 pieces (13)
  • Storm hook piece 2 (14)
  • Screw, 2 pieces (15)
  • Rope, 0.5 m, 2 (16)
  • Material (curtains), 600 x 700 mm, 2 pieces
  • Phillips screws, 4 x 70 mm, 4 pieces
  • Phillips screws, 4 x 40 mm, 27 pieces
  • Phillips screws, 4 x 30 mm, 38 pieces
  • Phillips screws, 3.5 x 25 mm, 3 pieces
  • Phillips screws, 3.5 x 16 mm, 18 pieces
  • Genuis PRO 2in1 paint (dark red), 375 ml
  • Genuis PRO 2in1 paint (yellow), 125 ml


Folding rule, pencil, ruler, angle, 5- and 6-mm drill, countersink, electric screwdriver, jigsaw, wood glue, masking tape, Tacker, 180er- and 240-grit sandpaper, rasp, awls, brush, paint roller


1. As a couple, it's easier!

2. When screwing the fact that the boards through the first
is screwed, are pre-drilled so they do not burst.
Rolls and matching screws for general purpose boxes are
List of materials not included. The dimensions for the MDF plates (9) can
vary, please check! toom BauMarkt GmbH excludes misuse
and faulty installation of any liability.

Puppet theater for Kasper

Puppet theater: building instructions

1. You will be cut all panels and boards in toom BauMarkt.

Second Draw on one of the vertical side boards (5), the onion-peak and then sawing them out with a jigsaw. Edit the edges with a rasp and sandpaper until they are evenly and smoothly. Then you transfer the contour to the other side board (5) and edit it the same way.

Puppet theater for Kasper

Third Record the MDF board (8), a crown or a design of your choice on and saw the outline with a jigsaw from. With sandpaper round off the edges and sand the surface smooth. Then you carry on Genius PRO 2in1 color paint. Once dry, grind everything with 240-grit sandpaper partway down to apply the varnish a second time.

Puppet theater for Kasper

4th Round all edges of the side boards (1), the back wall (2) and the cover plates now (3 and 4) from sandpaper. then screw the rear wall (2) behind the side parts. Then screw the narrow top plate (3) on the side parts (1) and on the rear wall, so that this outside flush (4 x 40 screws).

5th Screw the two side boards (5) exactly perpendicular to the side parts (1) of the underframe now, namely so that these start exactly where to stop the narrow top plate (3). Take an angle to help (4 x 40 screws).

Puppet theater for Kasper

6. Now screw the two boards (6) behind the vertical boards (5), so that they get up on the stand and lie sideways exactly half the vertical boards (5). Once you have rounded the edges with sandpaper, you can now screw the tongue-and-groove boards (7) from behind. To do this, on both sides of a 19 mm thick remnant into the fold: To get a uniform joint. Screw 5 boards (7) each with the spring down to (4 x 30 screws).

Puppet theater for Kasper

7th In order to produce the flap, enter into the groove of a board (7) glue to poke a second board (7) laterally flush with the spring into and pull it together with masking tape. After about half an hour you can pull the tape and sand the door.

Puppet theater for Kasper

8th. Now fix the flap, as shown, using the hinges. Here now come not tongue and groove on each other, but tongue and groove. Use
Is 3.5 x 16 mm screws. At a distance of about 320 mm over the closed flap simply unscrew two tongue and groove boards (7)
with the spring to the top. Then screw the cover plate (4) laterally flush on the side parts (1).

Puppet theater for Kasper

9th Thus, the general purpose crates (12) can slide well, you glue from below each one 19 mm MDF board (9). To do this, the box upside down and just put glue on a surface, insert the MDF board and complain the whole thing with books or a toolbox. If you want to screw rollers under the crates, a glue the plate (9) not from the outside but from the inside, then you can secure the rollers from below 3.5 x 16 mm screws. then sand the surfaces of the boxes smooth and
round off the edges with 180-grit sandpaper. Then enter Genius PRO 2in1 paint on, let this dry and wear this for a sanding
with 240-grit sandpaper or abrasive sponge for a second time. Of course you can also do without a coat or as Oil or varnish applied.

Puppet theater for Kasper

10th So that the flap holds up, you simply screw on both Seiden a storm hook (14) on the frame (6). The matching eye is so in the
Flap (7) is screwed, that this shuts well. Thus the flap remains open in the horizontal, drill a hole about 6 mm in the upper
Edge of the flap. This should be visible when folded. Then, pull the rope (16) through the hole and tie it on the front.
The other end secured to a hook (15), the screw you just above the flap in the vertical strut (6) from behind. Adjust the rope so that the open-ended flap is exactly horizontal.

11. As a simple curtain curtain can be used, or a curtain rod with a curtain. It's easiest if you have a piece of cloth (about 60 x 70 cm) staple from behind the top edge. For the two tieback sawing from each of a 50 mm (10) and a 160 mm long piece (11) of a roof batten. Round off the long piece (11) from the top edge and break the edges. screw
Now the two parts with glue, as shown, in the middle of the back next to the cutout on the vertical strut (6). The crown (8) simply unscrew from the front with 3.5 x 25-screws on the upper edge. And now "Curtain up ..."!

Puppet theater for KasperPuppet theater for Kasper

Courtesy of toom.de/ideen

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