Quiet PC: Case modding for the ears

Quiet PC: Case modding for the ears

Modern PCs are small power plants - also with regard to noise levels. The ever more powerful components to put in high-end PCs up to 30 percent of the electrical power supplied to heat.

This is not only inefficient, but also very loud: With electric fan in the housing, the warm air has to be transported outside. However, hard drives, CD and DVD drives and power supply help from the computer to the din.

We therefore show you how to make your PC quieter in this article: Special cooling systems, insulation and installation modes will lower the noise level. Some tips are presented here.

Quiet PC: The Overview

  • Quiet PC: Case modding for the ears
  • Quiet PC: The Overview
  • PC Insulation: Tips and Tricks
  • quiet fan
  • Processor Cooling: It does not have air be
  • Quiet power supplies

Quiet PC: Case modding for the earsClick image for details on Amazon

PC Insulation: Tips and Tricks

A PC usually has a metal casing that acts in time with the vibration of hard disks and fans as a resonance chamber. Much of the operational noise so come only from the sound-enhancing effect of the housing.

Where you can with so-called "silencing mats" counteract bitumen papers available in any hardware store, they are actually meant for the automotive needs, but can be adapted without problems with heat gun and cutter knife to complicated installation positions. 

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Quiet PC: Case modding for the ears

Quiet PC: Case modding for the earsHDD anti-vibe

By using a Festplattenentkopplers can be mitigated more noise: hard drives operate at speeds beyond the 10,000 rev / min and vibrate during scanning. These are transmitted with rigid installation methods to chassis. With an HDD anti-vibe direct connection between the case and hard drive is interrupted by rubber - now nothing is booming with. 

quiet fan

Although good components for the computing power are used in many ready-made PCs from electronics discounter, to Fans and housing but is saved. Quite a lot of noise can already be achieved by replacing the chassis fan and power supply alone. 

quality sound-optimized chassis fan can automatically adjust its speed of indoor temperature and loading of the PC. The simpler version, adjusting the speed via a switch on the fan, brings relief: The optimal setting is achieved when the temperature inside the housing does not increase in the stepwise increase in speed.

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Quiet PC: Case modding for the ears

Processor Cooling: It does not have air be

Quiet PC: Case modding for the earssimple CPU cooler

The comparison with the automobile shows: air cooling with blowers, although simple and quite effective, but also very loud. As a modern medium-sized car is much quieter than a VW Beetle from economic miracle days.

The processor cooling, performance PCs also Cooling of the graphics processor (GPU), is one of the main noise factors in the computer case: small, inexpensive fan nerves here at high speeds and a sound that is more reminiscent of an angry bee as a PC.

Quiet PC: Case modding for the earspassive cooler

offer a way out of this problem passive radiatorThis conduct heat over the largest possible radiating from, are heavily ribbed and have often called "heatpipes"Which additionally dissipate heat in the enclosure air. The disadvantage of these coolers is mainly the price and the space required, the better the cooling capacity, the bigger and more expensive the device. For small enclosures a real argument. 

Quiet PC: Case modding for the earsHeatpipe cooler

A reasonable combination offers the commonly used "hybrid solution": A relatively large heat sink is fitted with a slowly rotating, large fan. Thus, a sufficient cooling is achieved even at low fan speeds, the system is cheaper and much less space beyond. 

Quiet power supplies

As mentioned at the beginning of PCs today are small power plants: power Supplies with 800 watts of power provide not uncommon as more. Thus, the voltage converter gets enough air, large or several small fans are installed in most power supplies. 

In any case, cheap manufacturers are trying to save to this: Are too few fans present, the speed is simply increased. The result is a pesky hum.

With the replacement of the power supply against a quality model with a well mounted, low speed and large fan is usually already gained a lot in terms of noise reduction.