Regal build itself

Regal build itselfConstruction time: 9 hours; Difficulty: Challenging

Contents: build sideboard shelf

  • Material for the shelf
  • Tool
  • Step 1: Cut wood
  • Step 2: Record Dimensions
  • Step 3: Saw bows
  • Step 4: gluing
  • Step 5: screw shelf
  • Step 6: Painting and screw
  • Step 7: Drill holes and screw
  • Step 8: Assemble shelf
  • Step 9: Pre-drill base frame
  • Step 10: Screw rear wall

Material for the shelf

  • MDF board, 19 mm:
  • Soils outside: 300 x 220 mm, 4 pieces
  • Rear wall outside: 700 x 338 mm, 1 piece
  • Side panels central portion: 700 x 319 mm, 2 pieces
  • Soils central portion: 750 x 319 mm, 3 pieces
  • Rear wall central portion: 788 x 700 mm, 1 piece
  • Top panel: 1060 x 370 mm, 1 piece
  • MDF board, 16 mm:
  • Front left: 700 x 285 mm, 1 piece
  • Bar spruce / pine planed, 24 x 48 mm, 1000 mm, 2 pieces
  • Chair angle (for front mounting), 8
  • Phillips screws, 4 x 40 mm, 64 pieces
  • Phillips screws, 4 x 30 mm, 14 pieces
  • Phillips screws, 3.5 x 16 mm, 32 pieces
  • Phillips screws, 4 x 60 mm, 12 pieces
  • Genius PRO 2in1 colored paint, 375 ml, 1 piece
  • Genius PRO 2in1 colored paint, 750 ml, 1 piece
  • putty
  • Side exterior: 700 x 220 mm, 2 pieces
  • Front right: 700 x 520 mm, 1 piece

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Regal build itself


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  • pencil
  • ruler
  • corner
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • jigsaw
  • Schleifkork
  • 180er- and the 220-grit sandpaper
  • sinker
  • 5 mm Holzbohrer
  • wood glue
  • paint roller
  • spatula
  • masking tape
  • large circle with small nails or bar


When screwing together two pieces of wood, the wood part, is screwed through the first must always be pre-drilled! For a flush surface all screw heads should be sunk. For this project, you should ideally someone lend a hand, then some steps are easier to deal with. toom BauMarkt GmbH excludes all liability for misuse and faulty installation.

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Regal build itself

Step 1: Cut wood

Let all MDF - as in the material list described - cut in toom BauMarkt. You can also can be appropriately cut the strips (10 and 11) for the base frame miter (oblique cut).

Step 2: Record Dimensions

Regal build itself

Since the central points of the circular arcs of the front panels (8 and 9) each lie outside the plates, place the plates on a simple support on the draw and which can push "compass point". Record the two plates, the horizontal center axis and tighten the line on the base a little further. Then apply onto plate (9) from the left 50 mm on the central axis and from that point again 385 mm onto the substrate. In the front panel (8) enter from 285 mm from the right and from that point again 385 mm. but they can also push both plates right next to each other and the arc center draw each on the other plate (see the second figure). Now you can record the two circular arcs of 385 mm radius.



A little hint: As a circle, you can use a thin strip, by just hit two small nails at a distance of 380 mm or a piece of string to which you knot two loops.

Step 3: Saw bows

now sawing the arches with a jigsaw. The finer and sharper the blade, and the more accurately you work, the less you need to grind later.

Step 4: gluing

Regal build itself

Gluing Next, the base frame (10 and 11), by selecting the miter glue and then to contract the edges with masking tape. Check the squareness with an angle and lay the framework to dry on a flat surface.

Step 5: screw shelf

Regal build itself

Now screw the big shelf frame (4 and 5) as shown on the drawing: Enter at the junctions glue. Wipe excess glue immediately with a damp cloth. The rear wall is screwed later. Now fill in the screw heads on the left side (4), as this page will be visible later.

Step 6: Painting and screw

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All other parts are individually painted and bolted together afterwards. Rounds do this from the edges of all parts and already bolted frame with 180-grit sandpaper and sand all surfaces smooth. Now you can prime all later visible surfaces and edges. Do not forget the side edges of the rear wall (6) - These are later visible. Once dry, grind all paint surfaces with 220-grit sandpaper smooth and wear the coat for a second time.


Write before painting the number or name on the back edge of the parts, then you need not search long later.

Step 7: Drill holes and screw

Regal build itself

If all parts are thoroughly dry, screw first the small shelf part. Draw this, first the positions of the shelves (2) on the side parts (1) and drill them before. Then screw the sides (1) with the bases (2). Recently screw the rear wall (3) so that these laterally with the bottoms (2) and sides (1) precisely flush.

Step 8: Assemble shelf

Regal build itself

Now screw the small shelf member through the rear wall (3) to the side of the large shelf (4) with 6 screws 4 x 30. The two parts must complete at the front flush with each other. Then screw the little chair angle 3.5 x 16- bolts on the front edge of the shelf part. Here's how: To determine the positions of the angle, hold the best front panels in front and draw the positions of the angle so that they are not subsequently be seen directly. then screw the front panels by means of the angle from behind tight (3.5 x 16 mm screws). The plates must also be flush with the outer sides.

Step 9: Pre-drill base frame

Now drill against the base frame (10 and 11) and screwing it with 4 x 60 screws so that these flush with the trailing edge and jump in evenly sideways.

Step 10: Screw rear wall

Regal build itself

Finally, screw the rear wall (6) as shown in (4 x 40 screws). Then put on the cover plate (7) and screw it from the bottom with eight screws 4 x 30th

Managed - and now enjoy tidying!

Regal build itselfRegal build itself

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