Remove cement residue

Remove Zementschleider

Cement residue produced during grouting tiles. Here, the tile grout is applied to the surface to be machined and slurried with a rubber squeegee. As a rule, the remaining mortar can simply wipe with a damp cloth, but remains a slight gray haze visible especially in the lighter tiles and slabs.

In this case, help Cement remover, which are available as chemical cleaners. For a gentle removal is also certain home remedies are.

Which means are suitable for the particular floor and what you should consider when the veil away, we show you on this page.

Contents to issue cement residue removal

  • Important note for tiles
  • With home remedies remove the cement residue of tiles
  • Remove cement residue on natural stone
  • Chemical cement remover

Important note for tiles

Start by cleaning the tiles always only when the grout is fully cured. This will take up to a week. If another of the tile adhesive be blurred in certain circumstances parts and a new curtain is formed on the tiles. In fresh mortar, it is even possible that aggressive cleaners mix with him and impair adhesion. It is better to first clean the tiles with a damp sponge to remove as the worst mortar residues. Once the grout is fully cured, can be removed, the remaining cement veil with conventional home remedies or special cleaners.

With home remedies remove the cement residue of tiles

Remove cement residueTiles with cement residue after groutingRemove cement residueAfter cleaning the tiles have been restored to its former glory

To remove the veil from the finest dirt particles and cement from the tiles, there are a few home remedies that are available in every household:

  • Lemon as natural cleaners: Enter pure lemon juice on the tiles, leave him briefly and wipe the surface with warm water. Against stubborn dirt, a lemon juice concentrate, which is easily added diluted to the tiles and thoroughly triturated with a sponge helps.
  • Vinegar hot water mixture: For the mixture enter 1.4 l Essig in 5 liters of hot water and treat the tiles. The solution has to act for at least 5 minutes. Then wash off the mixture with clean water and a sponge. Depending on the thickness of the veil multiple cleaning cycles are necessary.
  • Brush with detergent: For this, a little powder is dissolved in water and moisten a small wire brush with the mixture. This mount then on an angle grinder and brush from the cement dust.

Remove cement residue on natural stone

Remove cement residueClean marble floor

For natural stone floors are mainly marble slabs, but also tiles from cast stone or travertine. This you should never work with conventional cement stain removers because the acid contained would burn the surface of the tiles. Access preferring instead to a slightly acidic cleaner phosphorus acid-base, - but only at ground granite countertops. There are also special cement remover for natural stone. Here, however, the stone and the texture of the surface is noted for. B. must not be treated with an acidic solution limestone.
Alternatively you wear normal Steinöl on the plates and wipe with a cleaning pad off her veil. After several passages of the natural stone floor is clean again.

Chemical cement remover

The most common remedy for the gray veil is a cement remover. However, this consists of an acidic solution and should not be applied to natural stone. Basically, you should always check in advance the surface compatibility, to avoid damage. Unlike home remedies remove chemical cleaners additionally mortar residues, lime deposits, efflorescence and inorganic contaminants. 

Depending on the strength of the cement veil you wear it straight or until 1:10 on the wet surface and spread it with a sponge. The solution has to react. The dissolved residues can be wipe with a sponge and absorb with a wipe. After treatment, it is advisable nachzuwaschen thoroughly with water to completely remove any residues.

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