Rotary Hammer Test: Bosch, Makita and Black&Decker compared

Bohrhamme comparison Bosch, Makita and Black + Decker

Three different rotary hammers in the mid-range priced home improvement Test: Which offers the best performance, which the best equipment and where to get the most for your money? The chapter operation and handling are incorporated into our test.

We deliberately in this test to the very cheap and the expensive high-end rotary hammers; home improvement they usually do not come into question. Who occasionally to frequently a hammer drill needed is well served with this selection.


  • How does a hammer?
  • Rotary Hammer Black & Decker KD960 KC
  • Rotary Hammer Makita HR 2470
  • Rotary Hammer Bosch PBH 3000-2 FRE
  • Technical data of the test equipment
  • Hammer drill buy recommendation

How does a hammer?

A hammer drill and a hammer are outwardly often similar and their field of application is consistent to some extent. Nevertheless, there are two completely different devices with different functionality.

A impact drill hardly differs from a drill. Only two gear wheels guarantees a fixed pressure for a force-dependent impact function. Since the physical strength is limited, the range of use of a hammer drill is also limited. Holes in solid concrete are therefore almost impossible to cope.

the pneumatic Rotary Hammer needs no physical effort, and produces the impact energy by a hammer mill. Here, the application range is limited by the performance of the machine and not by the physical strength of the operator. Drilling holes in concrete thus represent no longer a problem. A further advantage is that the impact energy can be generated without rotational movement of the feed, whereby a hammer drill can be used as well as a jackhammer.

The power transmission requires a special form-fit connection with a few mechanical parts. For this, the SDS-lining was invented, which are available in various sizes. While SDS-Quick is not yet widespread and reserved the Uneo Bosch SDS-Plus is the standard size for home improvement. Larger devices have mostly an SDS-Max Futter. be generally in SDS-feed any tools with cylindrical shank tension. However, there are special keyless chuck with SDS-Up, their field of application, however, is severely limited. By the necessary clearance in the SDS chuck no good running properties become possible and the hammer function of the machine must always be disabled. A great advantage offer change chuck, which can be exchanged with the SDS-lining. These sit directly on the drive shaft, thus have an exact concentricity and the hammer function is usually automatically disabled.

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Rotary Hammer Black & Decker KD960 KC

the Black & Decker KD960 KC hammer drill is easily done with a lot of home improvement tasks, but should only be used cautiously in heavier tasks.

At 3.2 kg, however, the hammer drill is almost as hard as the comparison model from Bosch. but the KD960 KC achieved so even with the like power consumption of 750 watts at 2.2 J a significantly lower single impact force, which earned him the worst weight-performance ratio.

can convince really here mainly the price, which he will certainly find its fans for occasional use for drilling.


the Black & Decker works smoothly and with little effort. The percussion is excellent, concrete ceilings or burnt bricks are not a problem. The machine does not overheat even in continuous operation and is well made.


In the Black & Decker KD960 KC was observed in milling outlet holes in masonry with a cup saw a drop in performance that looked 750 watts easily overwhelmed by this task. In addition, the chuck seemed a bit weak designed. A tester also criticized the possibility of a speed drop when another position of the machine. 

Here you can Black & Buy Decker KD960 KC onlineRotary Hammer Test: Bosch, Makita and Black & amp; Decker compared

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Rotary Hammer Makita HR 2470

Makita has been known for decades for its power tools.

With the hammer HR 2470, the company now offers a 760-watt unit that is affordable for home improvement.

Makita HR 2470 is also with 2.6 kg of the lightest in the test and generates 2.7 joules single impact force.


The Makita is a simply designed machine with convincing properties. Drilling, hammering, chiselling: everything easily. They also convinced with a light weight, good handling and a professional appearance. The machine is well made and are also in severe working conditions any weakness.


Those who work in confined spaces, can get 2,470 problems with a big drill on the HR; the machine is relatively long in comparison. Home improvement and the restriction to the SDS-plus drill chuck could negatively judge. Drills and chisels with other recordings can not be used in the Makita. 

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Rotary Hammer Bosch PBH 3000-2 FRE

The Bosch PBH 3000-2 FRE offers a nifty design, an included drill bit, and a change chuck. At 3.3 kilograms, while it is almost the hardest test equipment, but also offers more power and a two-speed transmission. Its 750 watts of power produce 2.8 joules single impact force. As the only, it offers a change chuck, can thereby also drill tension with cylindrical shank and use. The change chuck has by direct attachment excellent running properties and combined with the high maximum speed, the possibility of very small holes in wood and steel drilling. This makes the Bosch PBH 3000-2 FRE more than just a hammer drill.


A device as it is known by the Swabian market leader. In all areas of the Bosch PBH 3000-2 FRE is sovereign. Points he can with enough power a large, enclosed drill set and a removable lining. Also worth noting is not usual in this price range two-speed transmission that the chisel operating permits only in first gear. Here, the Bosch PBH 3000-2 FRE is compact and handy.


The supplied depth stop is a bit too weak designed and therefore unreliable. Otherwise, the PBH 3000 FRE has no weaknesses and even at current price trend, the better equipment raises not so significantly.

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Technical data of the test equipment

Black & Decker KD960 KC Makita HR 2470 Bosch PBH 3000-2 FRE
750 Watt 780 Watt 750 Watt
number of revolutions 900 U / min-1 1100 U / min-1 3000 U / min-1
Strokes / min-1
0-4200 0-4500 0-4000
Single impact force
2.2 2.7 J 2.8 J
3.2 kg 2.6 kg 3.3 kg
Max. Ø concrete
20 mm 24 mm 26 mm
Max. Ø Stahl
13 mm 13 mm 13 mm
Max. Ø wood
30 mm 32 mm 30 mm
Max. Ø drill bit
- - 68 mm
Stage number
1 1 2
price (Manufacturer) 120 €
€ 175
€ 249.99
Price (online) 102.95 € 140.79 € 183.95 €

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Hammer drill buy recommendation

The choice is difficult: drilling and chiseling can but all three products illustrated, critical are the details:

In summary, has the green Swabian drill rig Bosch the roundest blend of attributes: Relatively compact, has a certain facility and with an extensive accessory package of PBH 3000-2 FRE takes the lead.

As the price / performance winner contrast, however, recommended that the competitor Makita: A device with definitely semi-professional claim, a powerful motor and a solid processed SDS-chuck.

Bottom of the comparison test is the Black & Decker, mainly because of the weak drive and the great weight in relation to the service. For the red hammer, however, the cheapest price speaks in comparison.

Hammer drill Market Overview

Of course, the three presented hammer drills are just a small selection. A market overview of rotary hammers are available here: 

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