Schultüte tinker - Zuckertüte for Back to School

Schultüte tinker - Zuckertüte for Back to School

Schultüten are known since the 19th century in Germany and will sweeten starting school, but also include useful and beautiful for the beginning start of school students. Of course, you can get a cornet, which is also widely referred to as a sugar cube, simply buy at the store or order online - but this is really personal?

Tinker prefer us a beautiful cornet start school, perhaps with your child together? here our illustrated instructions for a sugar cone provide great tips. How about a school bag with mermaid motif, a cornet in the jungle look or a sugar cone for small fairies?

Other ideas and suggestions it is also in our sewing instructions for fabric Schultüten and blueprint archive on our topic page Schultüten tinker start school.

Contents: tinker Schultüte

  • Colorful Schultüte tinker: Basic Model
  • tinker Pirate Schultüte
  • Amazon book recommendation on: tinker Schultüte
  • Cornet with mermaid motif
  • tinker cornet with fairy
  • Sugar cube in the jungle look
  • Craft ideas for Schultüten
  • Even more craft instructions for Schultüten

Colorful Schultüte tinker: Basic Model

If you want to tinker individual Schultüte yourself, you always start with a basic model, which is then arranged as needed and decorated. The few materials needed are easily worried and at the same time affordable. For the basis of the cornet you need:

  • Stable carton board, rollable, 80 x 80 cm
  • Crepe paper or tulle in the color
  • Wrapping paper
  • tape
  • Craft knife or scissors stable
  • Liquid adhesive paper

Step 1: Curled Schultüte blank

For crafting a cornet you Nnehmen the 80 x 80 cm large cardboard hand and turn from her a beautiful bag of about 25 cm in diameter at the upper end and a tapering statements. Glue the bag then with paper glue and adhesive tape for fixing. Tip: If you want then do not wrap the cornet with wrapping paper, but glue exclusively Dekomotiven, the adhesive strips are attached to the inside in order to achieve a flawless surface. The top of the cornet blank you have to cut, then this should be done as straight as possible and not be sharp. Secure the top of the bag with tape - these are concealed in the next step by colorful crepe paper. 

Step 2: crepe paper or tulle stick

Now, the crepe paper or tulle on the upper inner edge of the bag is adhered all around with paper glue. What color or what material you choose it, is up to you, or rather left to the taste of your child - it does not always have pink for girls and blue for boys to be: Select the favorite color of your child. Of the "collar" should be about 30 cm at the top of the bag and be fixedly connected with it, so that it has enough material for closing available. Tip: Gather the material before gluing something together to achieve a more beautiful look.

Step 3: Wrap With wrapping paper

The cornet blank still does not look particularly nice: Here the final finish is now applied to wrapping paper. Apply a few strands of paper glue on the cornet blank on and wrap it carefully in the gift or glossy paper. You should then make sure that the transition to the tulle collar runs exactly and possibly some rework it with the scissors.

The sugar cube is finished! Now they will be filled and together gebundenn up with a nice band: The first day of school can now come!

As a filling for the cornet course, a pencil case, a filler, a school board and fresh fruit offer themselves besides sweets. However you make the treats for your child: In any case, it is very special.

Schultüte tinker - Zuckertüte for Back to SchoolSchultüte tinker - Zuckertüte for Back to SchoolSchultüte tinker - Zuckertüte for Back to SchoolSchultüte tinker - Zuckertüte for Back to School

tinker Pirate Schultüte

Schultüte tinker - Zuckertüte for Back to SchoolA cool Pirate cornet for real men.

If you want to tinker a cornet for your son, a pirate decoration is particularly appropriate to award the little first graders courage for the journey ahead. We explain step by step how to craft the pirates Schultüte itself.

Required material:

  • Large sheet of cardboard paper in light blue or gray, 50 x 70 cm
  • Construction paper in white, black, red, brown, dunkelbau
  • Colorful crepe paper
  • Red cord or fabric strip
  • tracing paper
  • Pencil and markers
  • scissors
  • adhesive


In a first step, the light blue or gray cardboard paper is painted with sea waves and put together only after as described above to a cornet blank and decorated with crepe paper around the edge.

After it goes to the creative design of the cornet: The pirate motif and a pirate ship from a template to trace and transferred to the construction paper. The little pirate you can glue fit with a headscarf, saber or an eye patch. Also suitable are embellishments such as a skull, a ship's anchor, a flag or an open treasure chest with ducats, pearl necklaces and diamonds. At the upper edge cornet plastic seagulls can order the Mast fly (eg small Pappvogel for a 3D effect on a piece of cork glue.) Or large, fluffy clouds of cotton wool make the sky - here your creativity.

The individual contours are recorded on the matching color Tonpapierbögen, individually cut and glued together. After that, the image components are assembled and glued to the blank. Make sure that the motives stick firmly enough and are well spaced so that a harmonious work of art is created and the cornet from all sides looks good. After that, the finished Pirate cornet can be filled: Suitable for example, gold coins made of chocolate and sugar beads.

Pirate Schultüten

Amazon book recommendation on: tinker Schultüte

Cornet with mermaid motif

Schultüte tinker - Zuckertüte for Back to SchoolA beautiful mermaid cornet with funny sea creatures makes girls' hearts beat faster.

Little girls love the adventurous stories of small mermaids and are delighted when their own mermaid cornet with lots of glitter, small sea creatures as decoration and plastic elements for a special wow factor. We explain step by step how you can meet your daughter to dream of such a sea-cornet.

Required material:

  • 1 large sheet of cardboard craft in blue
  • 1 large arc cut-out sheet in White
  • Blue and orange organza fabric
  • Stickers with maritime motifs such. B. turtle, crab
  • Clams, blue glass nuggets or other decorative stones
  • Aquatic plants from plastic
  • String or raffia
  • Colorful Fasermaler
  • Hot glue gun


Little mermaids will love this cornet. The sugar cube is shown above the basic model, made of a large blue bow. The collar consists here of matching color crepe paper or organza. As elemental Dekoelement a mermaid is recorded on white cut-out sheet, painted with fiber-tip pens, and then bonded with adhesive to the craft Schultüte. Decorate the little mermaid with glitter stars in her hair or a nice bikini in real shells or cut paper shells. The fin is decorated with glitter, painted designs or shiny stones.

Various marine animals accompany tinkered Mermaid and affixed as stickers targeted. Alternatively, you can tinker small turtles, fish and crabs quickly from paper itself: Matching craft templates for marine animals can be found in our collection of links about animal coloring pages. If you like, tinkering from lighter cardboard a sandy seabed on which the mermaid sits. The tip of the cornet is decorated in connection with aquatic plants, shells and glass nuggets. Use best for this step, a hot glue gun for a particularly good grip of the stones.

After you have filled the cornet with candy and small gifts, it is laced with string or raffia and also decorated with shells, aquatic plants or other floating debris. You do not have to work very accurately, on the contrary - it must go particularly wild to recreate the flowing movements of the open sea.

Ideas for sugar bags with mermaids and dolphins

tinker cornet with fairy

Schultüte tinker - Zuckertüte for Back to SchoolThe fairy treats - a pink girl's dream with lots of glitter.

Fairies and mythical creatures enjoy great popularity because they come from a world that exists in the magic and the everyday to the magical adventure. So has the hearts of little girls higher and a homemade fairy cornet.

Required material:

  • 1 sheet of corrugated cardboard with corrugated structure in Pink
  • 1 sheet of cardboard craft in green
  • 1 sheet of craft board in White
  • 1 sheet hologram craft paperboard
  • Crepe paper in white and violet
  • Various gift ribbons of organza and satin
  • Bunte Fasermaler and metallic pins
  • Scattering flowers from wood


This sugar cube is a girl's dream in pink. Who wants to tinker these treats, should on the basis of the above instructions for the basic model form the blank of corrugated cardboard. Following the decoration is designed: Cut differently shaped from the green craft cardboard sheets and draw with a Fasermaler the leaf ribs. You can also use fake flowers, ivy leaves and grasses to achieve a plastic effect and to symbolize a relationship with nature. For the collar of the Zuckertüte stick a layer of the short white and a layer of the longer, violet crepe paper and cut the edge of the two layers so that small petals (see picture).

the financial statements for the tip is now crafted from white craft box. The fee is initially recorded without wings and cut out. The wings are made of the hologram craft carton after and achieve in this way a dazzling elves look. The little fairy is painted with colorful fiber painters - with special metallic or glitter pens, you can set different moods on the coat hems, hair and shoes, even glitter effect special charm and reminds children to the characteristic feen gloss surrounding the mythical creatures in flight , The hair accessories and floral bouquet of fairy made of glued scattered flowers made of wood. After the white lace was attached, you can also decorate this with the scattering flowers or other natural decorative elements.

If you did not fill the candy and gifts that sugar cube is finally laced with colorful organza and shiny satin ribbons.

Schultüten for girls

Sugar cube in the jungle look

Schultüte tinker - Zuckertüte for Back to School

A visit to the zoo enjoys children over and over again: Here they admire wild animals and unusual plants, dive unknown in an underwater world or dream of a safari with elephants, tigers and hippos. So why not tinker a cornet in the jungle look and pick the favorite animals of the child? We give you tips for crafting a jungle cornet.

Needed Material:

  • 4 bow handicraft cardboard in various shades of green
  • 4 sheets of tissue paper in different shades of green
  • 1 large sheet of craft board in White
  • Green crepe paper
  • Natural-colored raffia
  • Colorful Fasermaler


Anyone who wants to offer small adventurers real jungle fun should tinker this impressive sugar cube. The first step is manufacture from a large sheet of craft carton the blank for the cornet. Then you cut out the various Bastelbögen large leaves and ornamental grass out - like you can draw here on fake plants to achieve a special 3D effect. Then crumple the tissue paper, paint it again smooth and tear it into irregular pieces. Now draw on the white cardboard craft the head of a large cat, z. As the leopard or a tiger, and paint it with fiber artists from you.

Now it goes to the gluing of the blank: First, stick a nice collar of crepe paper to the opening of the sugar cube to hide them. Then you work your way from the top down to the tip. Sequentially Now stick a layer grass, leaves a layer and another layer of grass. This is followed by the leopard head and the various pieces of tissue paper, so a wild, natural jungle setting is created.

Make sure that the various layers are as shingles offset and cover the blank well. stick to conclude a larger piece of tissue paper over the top of the cornet and close the opening with natural bast.

Craft ideas for Schultüten

Schultüte tinker - Zuckertüte for Back to School

Even more craft instructions for Schultüten

Other craft instructions for Schultüten be found in our Bastelanleitung archive. Here you can find different designs for boys and girls, such as football or horse-cornet cornet. Also mini sugar bags for jealous siblings linked. Free craft instructions for Schultüten

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