Screen build itself

build a folding screen room divider

Screen build itself

to separate parts without protecting without hiding from prying eyes - a space divider or folding screen is quick to set up. The model shown may be made of polycarbonate sheets easily yourself. Affixed foam panels offer an ideal opportunity for the colored design, which turns out to taste and desired look. Creative possibilities while bright colors. Without special effort so trendy effects. They give the Screen an individual touch. He will even catch the eye and creates in no time a completely new atmosphere. Just as quickly, he is also folded back and tucked in a narrow niche space saving.

Contents: Screen build itself

  • material list
  • building plan
  • building instructions
  • Video: Build Screen

material list

Length x width x thickness
3 St. Robex cavity sheet: 2000 x 1050 x 10 mm 3 St. 1900 x 790 x 10 mm
5 St. Depafit foam board: 700 x 1000 x 3 mm 9 St. 700 x 500 x 3 mm
6 St. Renovierband ø 8 mm

Furthermore, needed materials and tools

  • Metal contact adhesive
  • Alleskleber transparent
  • Colorless base
  • Different colors
  • Jigsaw or handsaw
  • clamps
  • Maurer angle
  • Squares with tongue
  • Cutter or utility knife
  • Wood sandpaper fine
  • brush
  • wiper

building plan

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Screen build itself

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building instructions

record cut

Screen build itself

The screen should be about 2400 mm wide 1900 mm high and with three hinged elements. later, three elements ensure a stable state. The necessary
Blank is recorded on the twin-wall sheets with a felt pen and with the aid of a Mason angle.

Tip: The blank is easier if the cutting is applied in a chamber center.

cut plates

Screen build itself

The blank of the plates is carried out with the jigsaw. It should be ensured that a suitable thin plastic saw blade with fine teeth is used. The pendulum of the jigsaw should be turned off to avoid the formation of cracks in the material. The free-hand cut with a jigsaw requires some practice. Easier achieved a clean and straight cut if a strip is fixed as a stop over the entire cutting length. Alternatively, you can work well with a hand saw.

Remove protective film

Screen build itself

The protective film is peeled off after the cutting of the twin-wall sheets. The surfaces remain protected and the edges do not tear out when cutting.

cut edges flush

Screen build itself

With a cutter or utility knife, the supernatants are up to the edge walls cut flush. To avoid accidents caused by slipping, should always be cut with the knife away from your body.

smooth edges

Screen build itself

The cut edges are smoothed with fine sandpaper. The adhesive surfaces for Renovierbänder must be roughened to obtain the best possible contact area. The backs of the Renovierbänder be roughened for subsequent bonding.

glue Renovierbänder

Screen build itself

Prior to the connection using the Renovierbänder the double-skin sheets are aligned with a bar. The Renovierbänder be with metal contact adhesive
fixed. Apply the adhesive to the prepared adhesive surfaces on both sides, allow to dry briefly and then press the parts short and strong.

cut foam panels

Screen build itself

The blank of 700 x 500 mm wide foam board is carried out with the cutter and the Maurer angle.

make Screen color

Screen build itself

The color design is done with matching colors. These colorless base is tinted with coloration in different colors. Depending on the number of tubes used and the intensity of the tint varied.

Apply primer

Screen build itself

The base coat is done with the brush in the regular lay, from left and from the right.

Refine optics

Screen build itself

Thereafter, the surface with the wiper is machined back and forth to further refine the optics. Thus the accent elements to their very best. The drying time is about 12 hours.

apply glue

Screen build itself

With transparent adhesive force on both sides colorized panels are fixed. For this purpose, the adhesive is applied at certain points in the corners of an angle and on the remaining surface. When affixing a stop angle helps to align the plates at right angles.

use clamps

Screen build itself

While the setting time of the adhesive, a wood plate with the aid of clamps is stretched over the plate.

This construction manual is presented by Alpina colors

Screen build itself

Video: Build Screen

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