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Molehill on meadow

The mole in the garden

The pride and the pride of every garden owner is a dense and lush green lawn. The more annoying it when pests feel comfortable and weaken plant growth there is. Helpful products against pests, there are some, but not all are safe.

The natural enemy of many pests (also called Mull) the mole. He eats wireworms, slugs and grubs, freeing your garden from other pests. In addition, he is a sign of a very good topsoil.

Nevertheless, many gardeners are against moles, since the small pile of earth disfigure the garden and damage many plants. However, to expel a mole is not easy and one considers the question "What helps against moles?" on the net, it does not seem to be easy to find the perfect remedy for the mole.

Contents distribute about Mole

  • Uniquely identifying: mole or vole?
  • The mole is a conservation / biodiversity!
  • Catching the mole - mole trap
  • distribute Mole with carbide
  • distribute Mole with butyric
  • distribute Mole with gas
  • distribute Mole with ultrasound
  • distribute Mole with home remedies

Uniquely identifying: mole or vole?

The mole (Talpa europaea) is labeled incorrectly as a threat. Since its diet consists among other things of grubs and wireworms, it is very useful for a balanced garden health even. So Moles are a good sign, because the animals feel only in a healthy, fertile soil well.

For effective and targeted combating it is important to identify the grave end animal. Molehill are quite high and the entry hole is centered. Are the piles of dirt, however, voles, are laterally offset from the holes. The troubled soil material is also much lower and often contains remains of roots and other plant parts which carry the vegetarian surviving mice in their tunnel system.

The easiest method to uniquely identify the mole infestation is the digging of the canal. If this closed again within an hour, the vole of residents - it is keen to keep their courses closed and rushes to the problematic place. The mole, however, is a lot more comfortable with regard to the necessary repair work.

The mole is a conservation / biodiversity!

Moles are protected species!Moles are protected species!

The mole belongs to the Federal Nature Conservation Act to the specially protected species. So it is forbidden to kill a mole or hunt targeted.

Danger: Even the start with the advertised live traps is prohibited because the animals often die in the boxes.

Do you want the mole distribute despite its good qualities and get rid of the mole hill, you have to bully as long as the inhabitants of the earth, until he voluntarily seeks another garden. Useful home remedy for moles are:

  1. a constantly short-cut lawn
  2. certain odors that do not like the animals
  3. much noise that eventually sells the moles

We would like to introduce the various methods by which moles are to be distributed. Not every is actually as effective, meaningful or allowed, as is often thought. Also we shall detail.

Catching the mole - mole trap

selling moleAs "humanely" described, but forbidden!

On the web, many Mole traps are found and it is advertised that the animals "without suffering" can be caught and then reacted. Likewise, it is often argued that it is permissible in Germany to use live traps against moles.

However, the mole is not a threat, but a beneficial insect. Therefore moles may not be caught, nor hunted or killed. Live traps do not hurt the animals, although they can but perish in it. Contradictory is also to note that the case should be checked several times a day to prepare as possible the animal as little stress. The mole is sensitive to noise and each dig the live trap would stop him to use this resource. On "stress-free endeavor" is not possible.

The use of mole traps is therefore prohibited under the Endangered Species Act.

Under certain conditions, which were previously not sufficiently documented, but a special permit can be applied for. The extent to which such a request is successful, is somewhat questionable because of a mole are safe. Quite the contrary, it may even be asked to protect the useful animal.

distribute Mole with carbide

Calcium carbide has long found there his applications where mobile flame was needed for heating or lighting. The advantage is the easy and fairly safe transportation option as calcium carbide is available in solid form. Only in conjunction with water, flammable gas acetylene is the. By impurities are here likewise ammonia, hydrogen sulfide (biogas) and monophosphane released, which ensure a foul odor. This odor is to distribute moles.

selling moleCarbide - can be effective, but is not dangerous.

should not be forgotten in the application that it concerns with calcium carbide is a chemical compound that causes skin irritation and therefore requires careful handling. The connection with water, which releases the flammable gas acetylene (colloquially acetylene) can lead to explosions. to expel moles with carbide or calcium carbide is therefore controversial. Other pets, such as dogs and cats do not like the smell and can carry injuries by carbide on the lawn.

to fight the chance of success moles with carbide is very different. While many swear by it, the success in other is limited. The reason for this is safe to use. In fact, that moles do not like the smell and therefore evaporate. Effectively, however, the application is only if he finds on the entire lawn use. However, such an implementation often proves very difficult.

distribute Mole with butyric

selling mole

Butyric acid - right butyric acid - has its name because of the strong smell of rancid butter. Since they themselves occurs in the human body, it is largely harmless, however, must be considered in greater dose than acid and treated accordingly.

Disadvantage or advantage in this case is the extremely strong smell that is already perceived in the smallest dose. A beträufelter with butyric cloth in a mole run is an insurmountable barrier to smell the mole.

Moles can be properly metered good fight or distribute with butyric acid. The smell lasts a long time and is therefore extremely effective. Caution should however be exercised in the amount used, as well as the human nose is sensitive to butyric acid.

distribute Mole with gas

the designation "fight moles with gas" not only sounds scary, it is also misleading. Of course, no toxic gas is fed into the molehill or even a combustible used and set fire lit here. 

Even if it "Mole gas" to buy, calcium carbide forms the basis here. A look at the ingredients or the active substance is often useful. The only advantage is often in a meaningful portioning and rare in the admixture of other fragrances that will scare the mole.

distribute Mole with ultrasound

The mole has besides a good nose and a good ear and is very sensitive when his peace is disturbed. For this, ultrasonic devices can be used.

When ultrasound sound waves are called, which are above the human hearing of 16 kHz. However, many animals can hear and gradually making an unpleasant these sounds. This fact, however, difficult to make judging of such vermin and mole fright. On the one hand you do not hear whether the device is a sound, on the other hand may unintentionally as carry it to other animals, dogs or cats, have an impact.

selling moleNo ultrasound - hum allows the earth to vibrate!

Also interesting is the fact that high sound waves propagate in a straight line, are reflected by obstacles, but do not penetrate them. For example, a bat locates their environment. A mole is, however, under the earth, and to effectively impress it with ultrasound, the mole would Schreck be accurately placed in a corridor and the ultrasound will have the opportunity to spread there. That's very difficult.

Looking at the equipment offered precisely, it is apparent that there are two different versions and not always about ultrasonic devices. The ultrasound may be distributed only above ground and those aids must therefore be placed above the earth. A mole can thus hardly sell. he and again under the earth, he will not be disturbed.

Other devices for Mole defense are indeed often called ultrasound equipment, but it did not. They produce a low hum, which with 400 - 500 Hz is well below the ultrasound. Low notes are distributed to high tones well in narrow corners and in the soil as it empowers other solids vibrate. A good example of this is the neighbor's music, which mostly just the bass (low tones) can be heard. High-pitched sounds are filtered with every little obstacle and so have no long range.

Using ultrasound to Moles can hardly sell! Interestingly, the use is only when the ultrasound is above ground combined with an underground buzz / vibrate at about 400 Hz. 

The particular advantage of this method is for this purpose to use the solar energy in the way. A Solar mole fright works permanently and can be used preventively at no additional expense.

distribute Mole with home remedies

Moles can hear good and smell good. This makes them sensitive to some odors and noise. Thus, the mole can naturally fight:

Mole looks from EarthMoles have a trained sense of smell and can be careworn with fragrances.

  • Whey and buttermilk: With dairy products, it has the little mole obviously not the case. Especially not when they are acidic, which already proves the butyric acid. A good home remedy for moles, mix whey and buttermilk in a ratio of 3: 1, enter the mound gently and pour each cup of the mixture into the aisle.
  • The bottle trickWho can not see well, must be able to hear well. Noise can be as fast uncomfortable. Thus, the mole can sell well with a bottle. Separate from some glass bottles from the floor - tips can be found on the Internet. This they stuck with the open bottom in the course of the mound and the rest is done by the wind. As with a flute it generates on the bottle neck, which protrudes from the ground, a whistling sound, which is passed through the bottle into the passage.
  • distribute Mole with water: Who likes to live in a flood plain and wants to build his house again and again? The mole any more than you. continuously Insert a water hose into the mound and rinse the aisle with water and earth again and again. The process must be repeated several times and possibly for several days. But the mole has eventually enough of it and distributed.
  • Plants against moles: Some fragrant flowers, others you feel rather uncomfortable. Including the mole does not like some plants. These include the lily, the imperial crown, garlic or horseradish. Even an infusion of peppermint or elderflower can work wonders.
  • Alcohol sells Moles: No, the animal should not be drunk, so it does not find the way home. The smell alone is sufficient. Connect to a garden party, the empty champagne or wine bottles with the opening downwards into the molehill and with any luck you will succeed after a party.
  • Natural enemies of the mole: is of course difficult to combat the mole with real natural enemies, because they are hardly to settle in their own garden. But to be eaten in addition to the fear of other animals, the mole neither man may still dog. The presence alone can already rich that you spared the mounds. For stubborn animals tufts of hair can help in the aisles.
  • distribute moles with noise: Noise is unpleasant in any form of a mole. This may be generated by regular lawn mowing, a rod made of steel, against which is getting hit or by a rattling wind turbine. Possession of daily driving Mährobotern have an advantage here.

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