Shabby Chic: Old modernize, create something new to look old

Shabby Chic: Old modernize, create something new to look old

A well-known rule is that trends and fashions allegedly repeated every few decades. Whether that is correct, let's leave open - applicable in any case that there is a trend called "Shabby Chic" are, the reused much of what the grandparents have at some point on and now also abolished again.

But it works the other way around, by missed one new furniture a charming worn look. What it looks like and how to consistently implements Shabby Chic in their own homes, can be read here.

Contents: Shabby Chic

  • Shabby Chic - the new trend
  • make Shabby Chic itself
  • Decoration Tips
  • Furniture distressed: Tools Required
  • Instructions for making your own
  • Color layer method
  • More Shabby Chic instructions

Shabby Chic - the new trend

The "shabby", so "shabby"In Shabby Chic represents the Threadbare and Flaked - but not at any furniture! The oak wall unit from the Gelsenkirchen Baroque, for example, is not an option, nor very simple and straightforward pieces of furniture.

The raw material should be classic at least a little playful or, such as a dresser made of soft wood or a secretary from the early days that just exude through their aging and shaping a certain charm.

Sources for such trinkets are everywhere. Either you look for in your own Relatives and scoured roof trusses and basement of old heirlooms, or one goes bargain hunting in regional furniture ramps and at flea markets.

Also in relevant websites you will find it quickly. Although prices have risen with the trend, but you can still find cheap offers. Many furniture you see their potential to "chic shabbiness" At first glance, not at all. A good eye is in demand!

make Shabby Chic itself

Shabby Chic is a style that imposes itself almost do it yourself. Although there is to buy ready-made furnishings, much is already imitating industrially and offered cheap, but the real highlights are either expensive or homemade. So the question is: How typical make Shabby Chic itself?

The right furniture is already half the battle, but often provides the raw material although very shabby, but not in the least chic made. It is similar with new furniture, to be transformed into a shabby-chic furniture. But that can be changed relatively easily. What matters is the change of color application and sanding.

Decoration Tips

The most important thing Shabby Chic is not to overdo it. Typical of this style worn country house furniture and floral-romantic accessories which are only chic, if they have the necessary space to come into play. So not too much stuff that good in a room, but always set different moods, otherwise from Shabby Chic quickly kitsch.

Furniture distressed: Tools Required

For the typical patina and worn look you need the following tools:

  • Sandpaper in different grains
  • sanding block
  • white acrylic paint
  • Acrylic paint in the desired tone
  • brush
  • a sponge (not required for the "Color layer method")

Shabby Chic: Old modernize, create something new to look oldCombining rustic wood, coarse gepinselten brick walls and playfully romantic details: Shabby Chic at an outdoor cafe.

Instructions for making your own

"Sponge technique"

1. First, the piece of furniture or the accessory to be embellished must thoroughly cleaned and sanded become. Thus, it takes later, the color better. It is important that is thoroughly removed after grinding the grinding dust!

2. The furniture is again fully with the desired main color painted. Then allow to dry thoroughly.

3. The sponge is now carefully the matte white acrylic paint on the first coat of paint "mopped". It should a kind "Schleiher" or scratchy Patina formed. allow to dry color.

4. Depending on your taste is now in some places with sandpaper the paint lightly abraded back, so here and there appears the wood. - Finish the furniture distressed!

Color layer method

One can also try the opposite variant. Two paint layers are pre-painted in white and coverage overlaid after drying of the main color with the brush. Finally, if the paint is completely dry, is now carefully sanded with fine sandpaper, the top layer of paint irregular, so that the white of the primer through. In this way, another effect is again reached.

Shabby Chic: Old modernize, create something new to look old

More Shabby Chic instructions

Here we have collected the best guides on the net about shabby chic and vintage. Of introductions and tutorials to match technology to the construction of entire furniture in vintage look. Shabby Chic instructions.