Smoker build itself

BBQ Smoker Building Instructions

Smoker build itself

Barbecue Smoker come from the motherland of escalating barbecue parties - the United States. Everything there is always a little larger and built by way of coarse steel. We will show you in this guide on how you can build your own barbecue smoker of metal. Welding skills or a sweat talented acquaintance are clearly beneficial in this manual, but even beginners in metal can try out these instructions. The number of welds has been reduced to a minimum - unsightly welds can also file it.

Price you should expect from your DIY-Smoker with a frame of 200 to 300 euros. This number varies of course, by how you raise your components. But please make sure that the parts are new, clean and unused, after all, this is about the preparation of food!

Smoker use outdoors only: Remember the smoke!

Contents: Smoker-building instructions

  • Barbecue Smoker: Bauskizze and materials
  • needed tools
  • make cooking chamber on its feet
  • edit and assemble Firebox
  • equip smoker-oven
  • Mount strips and handles
  • mount flaps
  • Mount Firebox ventilation and chimney
  • Smoker Barbecue: There must "angesmokt" become!

Barbecue Smoker: Bauskizze and materials

Size in mm)
1 barrel 200 liters, height 885, Ø 585 mm, etc.
1 barrel 60 liters ca. 575, Ø 339 mm, etc.
5 steel hinges 40 x 37
2 steel handles 96 x 27
16 Stainless steel hexagonal screws M8 x 30
16 Nuts, stainless steel M8
32 Washers, stainless steel M8
50 Stainless steel hexagonal screws M5 x 25
50 Nuts, stainless steel M5
50 Washers, stainless steel M5
25 Countersunk screws, stainless steel M3 x 12
25 Stainless steel nuts M3
25 Washers, stainless steel M3
4 Stainless steel hexagonal screws M12 x 30
4 Nuts, stainless steel M12
8th Washers, stainless steel M12
4 steel angle 70 x 70 x 55
1 sheet 200 x 200, 2 mm thickness
1 grill 880 x 580, cut if necessary
1 grate 570 x 330, cut if necessary
4 Steel angle section 800 x 50 x 50, thickness min. 4 mm
10 Steel angle section 400 x 30 x 30, thickness min. 2 mm
1 stainless steel bar 2400 x 30 x 3
1 Stovepipe with knee Ø 110 mm, etc.

needed tools

  • Jigsaw with HSS hacksaw blade
  • Meat thermometer
  • HSS drill set to 12mm
  • drilling machine
  • Power Cut
  • Steckschlüsselsatz

make cooking chamber on its feet

Our Smoker consists of two new barrels, which are screwed together to fire and form the oven. Conveniently, the cooking chamber should first be placed on the feet; so you have a good working height.

but you will be cut open the large barrel once: The oven door should be later 68 x 30 cm. therefore draw on the barrel wall dimensions and cut the sheet metal with either the power cutter or better with the jigsaw. Set aside the severed piece - this will later the door.

Now the feet are mounted: Draw to 20 cm below the lower corners of the "hole" four screw points for the steel angle at 25 cm below the same thing again. Now drill with the 8mm HSS drill, four holes for the steel angle and insert the screws with washers on the inside by the barrel and screw the fixed angle. Now you drill even four holes in the Stahleckprofile and tighten them at the corners - the oven is now in advance.

edit and assemble Firebox

The Firebox is in principle the same as your "big sister" edit: Draw here to an opening of 45 cm x 30 cm and disconnect / she saw you out of the barrel. 

In order to prevent the fumes from entering the cooking chamber, you must saw a hole with a diameter of 10 cm in the left side wall of the firebox or in the right side of the cooking chamber now. to Draw the hole before and cut it with a jigsaw on the two floors barrel from you.

Subsequently, four 12 mm-screw holes are drilled in the two cooking chambers and the barrels of the M12 bolts and two washers fixed (see drawing). The resulting gap between the two barrels is closed tight and gas-tight with stove cement.

equip smoker-oven

Smoker build itselfcomply with 5 cm spacing

Now, the grate adjustments be mounted for the smoker oven cavity: Draw a distance of 15 cm from the floor on both sides in each case 5 in horizontal lines. Here, the push-in strips for the rust to be mounted. Now drill each with 2 holes per shelf level in the oven walls and the 30mm angle profiles so that you can screw the strips on the cooking chamber. 

Now adjust the grill rack, you may have to shorten it a bit and adapt. If all slides well and fit, insert the second grate in the firebox. Now come the details!

Mount strips and handles

Now take the two pieces of sheet metal previously cut again at hand. Files First all burrs and edges carefully. Now cut the 30mm stainless steel bar as follows dogs:

  • for the cooking chamber: 1x 68 cm and twice 30 cm
  • for Fireboxtür: 1x 45 cm and twice 30 cm

then cutting the two corners of the long edges and in each case a corner of the short strips at 45 degree miter with the jigsaw; draw this, first the angle at. A stop provides the necessary accuracy.

Then drill every ten centimeters a 3mm hole with the HSS drills in the groin; then put them to the flap and draw a drill holes for mounting. After drilling all holes, mount the plates with M3 screws, nuts and washers.

Before the valves are now mounted, screw still in the middle the two handles 5 cm below the long molding on.

mount flaps

Smoker build itselfmount flaps

Now, the dampers are mounted: Draw each center and ten centimeters from the edges of two holes for the hinges at the bottom of the door openings, as well on the undersides of the flaps. Drill the holes through and screw the valve with M5 screws, two washers up and down as well as nuts.

Then check whether you can open all very close, and that the doors are tightly closed halfway. Turn otherwise the sheet metal cope a bit.

Mount Firebox ventilation and chimney

Smoker build itselfCover disc to move ventilation control

For the Firebox ventilation simply saw from a circular piece of sheet metal with twelve cm in diameter from the right side of the firebox. Now take the aluminum sheet on hand and saw off a 14 cm piece cope. Screw the ventilation flap now as on the drawing can be seen with the Firebox. By shifting the cover plate, the air supply can now be adjusted to the fire. 

On the other side of the Smokers, the oven, now even the chimney must be mounted. Cut thereto through a corresponding to the diameter of the bell-furnace tube hole of the left wall and plug the furnace tube. Fixed it is inside and outside with stove cement.

Finish your smoker!

Smoker Barbecue: There must "angesmokt" become!

Smoken is an art in itself: In principle, it is a hot smoking, but combined with a grill. The standard Smoke procedure works as follows:

  • Create inside the oven with about 5 cm of coal on the ground a good solid charcoal embers. Flap from the oven to.
  • Once the charcoal starts to glow, you start a fire with pure and very dry Buchholz falls in the firebox. Once the fire is burning satisfactorily, open the vent fully and close the door.
  • If the carbon is pulled through and flows out of the chimney, place the grill or food to be smoked in the oven. Depending on the desired degree of doneness and browning leave the food in the oven.

Of course, this recommendation is only one possible variant; the world of barbecue Smokens is extremely varied and enjoyable. Below you will find more models that can be purchased quickly and easily online.

We wish you always smoke in the chimney!