Solid flooring or laminate parquet?

Solid flooring or laminate parquet?

Roughly one can distinguish between two types of flooring: The solid hardwood and laminate parquet. Depending on what will be exposed to loads of the floor covering and what type of processing you want, you can choose between different types of solid or multi-layer parquet.

Both have their advantages. While multi-layer parquet is to be laid quickly and easily, solid wood flooring can always be reprocessed and treated as desired.

Contents for solid parquet and laminate parquet

  • solid flooring
  • Multilayered Flooring
  • Special Solid flooring places

solid flooring

When Solid flooring is a continuous layer of wood that is glued over the whole area in general. Only after laying the untreated wood plates are treated with oil or varnish.

This results in the following benefits:

  • Your soil is very stable and robust due to the massive wood panels, bonding, and the installation technique
  • It has a long shelf life (min. 10 years)
  • As desired, eineBbehandlung is possible with wax, oil or varnish.
  • Similarly, you decide on the desired laying pattern
  • You can renovate the ground several times and grind

Multilayered Flooring

Solid flooring or laminate parquet?Installation of engineered flooring

The multilayer parquet, prefabricated parquet also called, consists of three glued-together layers of wood, of which consists of coniferous wood in general, the uppermost layer of hard wood and the other layers, the support plate.

The glued wood plates are treated and are laid with a tongue and groove. 

The advantages of this parquet form are:

  • Stability and Durability: It is slightly less robust than solid parquet. but has, unlike many alternatives, still a high durability and stability.
  • Easy processing: tongue and groove provides simple and fast embarrassed, even without expert.
  • No sanding and no treatment with wax or oil necessary since it is already sanded and treated.
  • It can be installed as a floating or completely glued

Special Solid flooring places

Even in special cases where additional factors must be considered, it is possible to find a suitable parquet floor.

  • In dry, the so-called parquet are used and invisible nailed
  • To replace carpet after a renovation or an underfloor heating system is suitable, the parquetry best with 8 mm
  • For heavy duty of flooring, such as in public buildings and workshops, the suitability of the industrial parquet 22 mm, which is stable due to its thickness and can be repeatedly restored and abraded.

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