sow flowers in spring

Flowers and herbs prefer to sow directly or planting seed discs

sow flowers in spring

In the spring it's time to sow summer flowers and herbs preferable before they are later planted in the flower bed and herb garden. When sowing, there are several seed process, we will tell you on this page. For example, one should prefer some flowers first in a small greenhouse or in pots, before they are made and the settling out eventually planted in the garden.

Other Summer flowers and plants can be directly sown in the garden and the path through the pre-culture is omitted. You'll also learn why and how to perform a seed sample for old seeds.

We also tell you how to plant herb with a seed disc and what flowers are to sow already in spring for summer.

Contents: sow flowers and herbs in the spring

  • sow flowers
  • When is the right time for sowing?
  • How Lichtkeimer and darkness to germinate differ?
  • Summer flowers and plants prefer the pot
  • Transplant flowers right
  • Plant herbs with seed discs
  • sow flowers directly: Instructions for a direct-seeding
  • Row trial
  • broadcast sowing
  • Flowers sow in Saatbändern

sow flowers

Those who want to sow new flowers in his garden, should consider some things so that the seed grows well and enjoy splendid summer flowers in the flower beds. Gründsätzlich following rules apply for sowing:

  1. The new seeds need plenty of water. Excess water must flow.
  2. Seeds are sown in suitable intervals.
  3. wait for the right time for sowing (on the packaging).
  4. Pay attention to light and darkness to germinate.

Germ sample for old seed

For seed from previous years, a recommended seed sample, to see if the seed is still viable. This is recommended especially when you harvest flower seeds in the summer to plant them in the spring. Without this sample, there is a risk that almost no plants grow from seed.

For the seed sample set from a bowl with a damp paper towel and sprinkle part of the flower seeds about it. To prevent drying, you cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and puts them in a sunny place. the paper towel should be evenly moistened once a day, for instance with a water mister. Most plants germinate after a few days. If 2/3 of the seed germinated the seed is still very good viable. In less than half should be aware sow more seeds, since only a small part of developed into summer flowers and herbs.

When is the right time for sowing?

The sowing of many flowers in a pre-culture begins from February. In the garden, sowing takes place after the last frost in March or April. Very delicate floral or Mediterranean herbs places come until the end of May, after the Ice Saints, into the open border. The ideal time is printed on the packaging of flower seeds.

How Lichtkeimer and darkness to germinate differ?

sow flowers in springForget-Me-Not among the Lichtkeimern.dark germinatorPansies are among the most outspoken Dunkelkeimern.

Plant seeds are different in light and dark to germinate. Lichtkeimer need water, oxygen and light for successful germination, while sunlight slows this process at Dunkelkeimern.

Among the Lichtkeimern among other things, these plants include:

  • forget Me Not
  • bellflowers
  • cloves
  • Busy Lizzie
  • cornflowers
  • daisies
  • chamomile
  • balm
  • thyme
  • basil

In contrast, these plants are classified as Dunkelkeimern:

  • Tulips (better bulbs plant as seed sowing)
  • pansy
  • hollyhocks
  • hellebores
  • parsley
  • coriander
  • chives

In addition, there are plants that can be propagated by cuttings better. In our guide gives you tips and learn from which plants can be drawn cuttings.

Summer flowers and plants prefer the pot

sow flowers in springMany summer flowers can prefer in the pot.sow flowers in springSeedlings and newly planted seeds in pots.

The early sowing from February to March takes place at heat-loving flowers and plants in small pots or planters dishes in which the young plants are preferred before you can plant them later in the garden. In this way, can choose among others cloves and sweet williams, snapdragons, marigolds, coneflower and asters as well as many annual summer flowers. advantage: Early flowers develop a flower in the garden in less time.

In the first step, fill the pot 2/3 full of potting soil and press it smooth. Place the flower seeds in sufficiently large intervals evenly throughout the pot. Lichtkeimer be easily pressed into the ground. For protection from the winds, the seeds can be sprinkled with a very thin layer of soil. By contrast, it covered dark to germinate with a layer of soil that is twice as thick as the size of the seed.

Next step is to pour the seeds. Here is important when Lichtkeimern that it is not above the other rinsed. To distinguish the individual pots each other, it is helpful to label them with signs. Thereafter, the pots with the seeds to a bright, protected spot put. Look for a good flow of water as seed does not tolerate waterlogging.

Tip: Providing accommodation in a small greenhouse and promotes the germination and plant growth. Who has no greenhouse creates this effect with a transparent plastic bag or foil, which is removed once a day for a complete air exchange and replaced. Basically, the bag must not touch the plant, as it can otherwise lazy.

In the subsequent period, the seeds watering regularly and evenly until the formation of seedlings. So that the seedlings do not bend, you put to stabilize a skewer or a Stohhalm into the ground and tie them loosely with a piece of wire to it firmly. Once the flowers have formed their own, branched roots, you can repot in a larger pot or moving it to a safe place outside. Thus, the summer flowers used to the climate. After the adjustment period you can plant the flowers in the garden.

Transplant flowers right

Grow seedlings too close together, you should separate them and plant them in individual pottery. This separation process is called "transplant" designated. The goal is to plant the young plants and flowers at longer intervals. Before transplanting the summer flowers, herbs and vegetables should have formed the first true leaf pairs.

With a Pikierstab, alternatively a skewer, the seedlings that grow too close together to be carefully lifted and removed from the earth. Well drilling with the rod a little hole in the ground of the new flowerpot and uses the seedling. Water thoroughly after the floor.

Plant herbs with seed discs

sow flowers in springprefer with a seed disc different herbs.

Seed discs are small discs, on which the seeds are applied at uniform intervals. The plants of these targets is done in a few steps:

  1. Fill a small pot with potting soil and press it flat with your hand.
  2. Place the seed disc to the ground. The top and bottom must be observed.
  3. Then enter twice as much soil over the seed disc as the seed is large.
  4. The new seed is well watered. Care should be taken to ensure that the water can drain off.

In this way, different herbs, such as parsley, basil, chives, dill and more prefer the pot can. Another advantage of the seed disc: The seed is not too close to each other, so that the plants can develop well with proper care. A later transplanting is not necessary.

Detailed tips for the care of a herb garden you will find yourself pulling with garden herbs.

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sow flowers directly: Instructions for a direct-seeding

seed mixFlower seeds can be purchased in colorful seed mixes.

some flowers from March and April can sow directly in the garden depending on the variety. It is crucial that no more ground frost is expected. For example, insensitive asters, asters, roses sky, grove, cornflowers and perennials Burning Love for planting outdoors from April are.

In contrast to the pre-culture, the flower seeds are sown directly into the flower bed. Previously, loosening with a garden claw the earth around and cut large chunks of earth, so that one gets a fine soil. After that smooths it with a rake so that it becomes uniform.

Next, sprinkle the flower seeds at regular intervals over the soil and press it slightly. Remember, not all seeds germinate. Therefore, it is advisable to incorporate more seed in the ground. Dark germinate be - as in the pre-culture - with a layer of soil covering. Lichtkeimer be sprinkled on the other hand with very little soil, so they get plenty of light. Pour then carefully remove the soil. After a short time the first seedlings sprout.

Row trial

In the Row trial the flowers of a garden plot next to each other planted and sown. As an aid to a cord or string Garden offers. In the first step, loosen with a garden claw on the ground until he has a fine grain structure and smooth it with a rake.

Now they opened with the garden twine a straight line or place it on the floor. The seeds are scattered in compliance with the distances along the line into the grooves and easily be pressed. As with the pre-culture is covered darkness to germinate with soil and waters the seed careful.

broadcast sowing

In contrast to the Row trial the seeds are scattered on the entire flower bed in this sowing method. above the soil must be loosened and smoothed evenly with a rake as with the other method. After that distributes flower seeds on the ground and pressed against him. Now darkness to germinate be covered with earth. Finally, pour the flower seeds.

Flowers sow in Saatbändern

PlanterLichtkeimer are not covered after sowing in the flower box.

A time-saving alternative to traditional methods offer Seed tapes. Seed discs similar to the seed is already in the correct distance on the bands, which consist of thin layers of paper web and thus decompose in the earth.

After loosening and smoothing the soil deep grooves are drawn 1 to 2 cm and moistened the seed tape. Then you put it into the ground and puts it on. Now cover with soil and water. Since the fleece soaks up a lot of water, water has to be given regularly, otherwise the seeds dry out. With Saatbändern possibilities vegetable and flower varieties, such as carrots, radishes, Pflücksalate and asters, zinnias and sunflowers can sow.

Also allow Seed tapes also sown in flower boxes. A later Piktieren of the plants is not necessary.

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