Summer Berries planting and picking

Berry harvest in summer

Summer Berries planting and picking

The fruits of summer are sweet and delicious. From mid-May to mid-October, we can enjoy the delicious summer berries, which we regularly maintain since the spring and free of weeds.

We start with the strawberries that are due later varieties and new plantings in May even into August available and can be freshly harvested regularly. To strawberries join over the summer blueberries, currants, gooseberries, raspberries and blackberries eventually. What is possible for the strawberries, also applies to the raspberries: Thanks to late maturing varieties can be until the first frost nor reap raspberries.

Who planted the summer berries himself and picks, they can enjoy neat or from them delicious delicacies such as desserts, cakes, stewed fruit or jam, cook.

We tell on what to look for in the grape harvest.

Contents: Plant summer berries and pick

  • Summer berries - delicious and healthy
  • Tips for buying, storing and processing
  • Summer berries plant and harvest
  • planting blueberries
  • process Sommerbeeren
  • making strawberry and vanilla Jam

Summer berries - delicious and healthy

Who wants to plant berry bushes in the garden, are spoiled for choice: the color spectrum of berry varieties ranges from bright green on bright red to fill blue-violet shades. Likewise richly varied are their taste, consistency and shape. The plant growth habit plays in the choice of berry varieties a crucial role: Is there sufficient space for high and wide growing berry bushes exist or should be used on new varieties of small stature for keeping buckets on the terrace or balcony? If the crop to be integrated into the bed in the existing orchard or as a specimen plant for eye-catching?

Thanks to its numerous ingredients berries have antioxidant, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and blood pressure-regulating effect and thus affect human health positively. Similarly, the co-responsible for the aroma phenolic acids provide valuable services for the human organism. Many of the summer berries contain pro-vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. Another plus of summer berries: They have little calories.

Tips for buying, storing and processing

blueberriesWash fruits before storage and dry.

Only blueberries and gooseberries can ripen after harvest. Therefore, it is important to harvest the summer berries when fully ripe. Since the berries are very sensitive to pressure and moldy quickly, is a gentle and rapid processing particularly important. One should therefore buy only unblemished fruits in dry bowl and they only clean under standing water.

To dry you put them on a paper towel, so they do not absorb water and become soggy. This physical phenomenon of concentration equalization, resulting in the dissolution of the fruit is also known for cherries and plums, which should be washed so even shortly before consumption.

In the refrigerator, the fresh summer berries hold for one to two days. Therefore, they should be processed as quickly as possible, or enjoy fresh. but you can also freeze easily the individual berries. Above all, frozen raspberries are wonderful for making a sorbet or a fruit mirror for a dessert. But integrated into an ice cube act bunte Früchte, like in combination with small mint leaves in complementary color, very appetizing and decorative.

Summer berries plant and harvest

Summer Berries planting and pickingStrawberries end of May can already be harvested.Summer Berries planting and pickingIn raspberries is differentiated between summer and autumn raspberries.

When soft fruit many different types of fruit are grouped under a generic term. So it is with strawberries, strictly speaking, a collective nut fruit while it concerns with raspberry and blackberry to collecting drupes. Nevertheless, they are all due to their eating qualities - soft, small, roundish - counted for soft fruit. Here, gardeners have access to many different growth habits and new varieties.

plant strawberries

The harvest season for strawberries usually lasts from mid-May to late July. One should also eat only in the summer as import strawberries are often contaminated with pollutants and at the same time little taste aromatic strawberries. Who wants to have a luscious strawberry harvest in the following year, then should plant rapidly until August 1, at the latest by 10 August, already the next strawberries into the bed. Thus, the strawberry plants can still grow until the fall and create inflorescences for next year.

For the cultivation of strawberries in the garden especially robust are varieties Darroyal, Sonata, Ellianny and Florence, which should be planted in a humus-rich sandy loam soil without stagnant moisture and compaction. Also important is the change of location every year: ideal is a three- to five-year break on the cultivation land.

plant raspberries

The situation is similar with the raspberries, which are best planted in the fall in a loose, humus-rich soil in full sun to moderate shade. The summer raspberry fruchtet to two years of wood and is harvested from early July to mid-September. After the harvest harvested shoots are cut off at ground level, so that only the young shoots persist in the fall, where growing fruit in the coming year. Especially popular summer raspberries are about Meeker, TulaMagic or Glen Ample.

autumn raspberries bear fruit, however, to one year of wood and are picked between August and October. After the harvest, all the shoots are shortened close to the ground in November to promote healthy new growth. Especially popular autumn raspberry varieties are for. B. aroma Queen, autumn gold and Autumn Bliss.

Tip: Build on stingless new varieties - so you facilitate the harvest.

Blackberries on the bushBlackberries are among the collecting stone fruits and ripe no longer after harvesting.

planting blackberries

Blackberries are particularly juicy and count the raspberries to the collecting stone fruits. When Brombeeranbau you can rely on twining or vertically growing varieties that are suitable for different garden areas: During erect blackberries reach a height of up to five meters, and also require a climbing aid, twining plants can be kept well in a pot on the balcony and the balcony front naturally landscaped. Particularly suitable for the garden cultivation also are stingless new varieties, but their fruits are usually less sweet.

Blackberries are considered as undemanding and thrive in almost any soil. The location should be sunny to semi-shady, tiefengelockert the substrate and nutritious. Before planting, the soil is therefore further processed additionally with ripe compost.

Since blackberries make the fruits of two years of wood, only the rods are shortened close to the ground in autumn, which were harvested this year. remain the young shoots and form the basis for fruiting the following year. The harvest of blackberries is from July to October, which may lead to variety-specific deviations. As blackberries no longer ripen Harvest only ripe berries.

Summer Berries planting and pickingThere are differences in the cultivation of red, white and black currant.Summer Berries planting and pickingGooseberries can not ripen after harvest.

at bilberry, currant and gooseberry is it is indeed soft fruit, d. H. they are soft, small and round, grow perennial and are edible.

planting currants

In currants amateur gardeners can choose between white, red and black varieties. Black currants thrive here in semi-shady areas, while red and white shrubs prefer a sunny spot. A nutrient-rich, humus soil promotes healthy plant growth.

Currants are harvested from mid-June to late August. As the fruits do not ripen all at the same time, several times picking the berries is required. Under no circumstances should you wait too long to harvest because the overripe fruits are very soft and then no longer taste.

After the harvest currant bushes be shortened. A distinction is made between main and side shoots: main branches grow directly from the ground and are much thicker. However, the fruit is grown only on the thinner side shoots - and especially good side shoots of three year's main branches.

planting gooseberries

Even gooseberries convince with different colored fruits with an individual flavor. Meanwhile, many new varieties are available also, are the sweeter berries with less Fruchtbehaarung. Also, make sure that you grow fungus-resistant varieties - here you have access to a phylum or shrubs that can be grown accordingly in the flower bed or container.

The Fruit tree enjoys warm sunshine, but must not be exposed to the blazing midday sun. A well-ventilated, nutrient-rich loam stores sufficient moisture and oxygen and promotes plant growth optimally. Dry, light soil, however, are unsuitable for cultivation of the gooseberry.

Tip: An additional layer of mulch, such as from chopped comfrey leaves helps to delay the evaporation of water.

After the fall planting gooseberry is finally cut in the spring. Vigorous shoots are shortened by one third and old, hanging wooden completely removed. Obliquely or steeply upward growing branches are also removed to promote new growth and to facilitate the subsequent harvest. Since this is at gooseberries to perennials, no targeted winter protection must be applied. However, it is worthwhile to put potted plants in the garage and to protect bedding plants with autumn leaves or a nonwoven fabric from particularly strong night frosts.

In small gardens intersections often grow out of currants and gooseberries, the so-called Josta- and Jochelbeeren. Also this berry fruit is - is best cultivated in the autumn - as currant and gooseberry.


planting blueberries

Juicy blueberries are picked from early June to late September. The substrate should be acidic, marshy ground, which is not prone to waterlogging. We have compiled tips Cultivation of blueberries in your own garden compiled.

process Sommerbeeren

The fruits of summer go especially well with sugar, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt or whipped cream. therefore are especially popular cakes or desserts with soft fruit. Great tradition has canning berries into jam. Who is brave and seek something extraordinary, can try more exotic combinations, for example strawberries with green pepper or raspberries in rocket salad: The fruity flavor harmonizes perfectly with the edge and enables a whole new taste experience.

Buckthorn, chokeberry and Co. are then further processed into tasty treats for berry harvest in the fall.

making strawberry and vanilla Jam

Summer Berries planting and pickingSummer berries are easy to boil down into tasty jams.Summer Berries planting and pickingJams from various summer berries are durable closed about a year.

A fruity strawberry jam can be easily and make a few products themselves. When the fruits come from our own orchard, jam tastes especially good on the breakfast rolls. For a special flavor this recipe is further refined with fresh vanilla.

Working hours: about 30 minutes


  • 500 g fresh strawberries
  • 500 g preserving sugar (here: 1: 1; please manufacturer's instructions)
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • lemon juice


Wash the strawberries, dry thoroughly and puree in a bowl with an immersion blender to a creamy mass - the strawberry puree is very soft, this is completely normal. For a perfect mixing ratio of 1: 1 now weigh just 500 g strawberry mass (matching 500 g preserving sugar). The vanilla bean cut, scrape out the marrow and mix into the strawberry mush. Now stir in the jam sugar and bring everything to a boil, stirring, and simmer for five minutes and add about 50 ml lemon juice - then the strawberry jam is more appealing red.

After filling the hot strawberry and vanilla mass in jam jars, close the lid and let stand the glasses for about 15 minutes on the head. When the jam has cooled, it is durable when closed about a year.

Tip: A for setting point helps to estimate when the jam is ready to be bottled. Take a few seconds before the end of cooking to whisk out of the saucepan and let the strawberry mass run down it. When the last drop fixed, the jam is ready. Otherwise, the cooking time is extended by a further two minutes.

Beer garden

Create Naschgarten

Interested in a private Naschgarten and want further information about the Berries in their own orchard? Then read more about berries in the garden itself, pull and pluck and be inspired to a new garden design.

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