Sun protection film

The sun protection film: prospects cool with foil -More than sun protection.

Sun protection film

(box) Montabaur - Sun protection films are available in many varieties, colors and efficiencies. Course in films such as the "Sun protection film", Significant price - and Qualtitätsunterschiede. But how is this evident? ..... what is it right for my needs? It is simply not without advice ... be professional advice. Describe what you expect your needs and of the film. As "layman" can the purchase without consulting are just next to it ... and then you're unhappy with the film, the one has acquired ... A trained specialist firm is a film for you and meet your needs.

"What I want to achieve with the sun protection film" is therefore the most important question. High sun protection? A lot of light into the rooms? Additional UV protection? Should be taken away from glare? is not possible notice the film? Should it be mirrored? The higher the sun protection the more light is taken to the room! But the room is not contrary to many opinions "dark", The result is a pleasant glare-free light. A film with a very high sun protection also has a mirroring (reflection) ... otherwise it does not work sufficiently. There are today very bright films offer very good sun protection and barely take light! The films are barely visible on the discs. 

A very bright film having a reduced glass on radiation of about 50% and a UV protection of over 99% is the right film for "much light in the room", Incidentally, the best sun protection films provide even about 83% sunray reduction and 99% UV protection for outdoor installation. An enormous sun protection ... of course then costs a little light. You see: It is a film available for almost every need ... you must seek advice and express his or her wishes. Then you will be very satisfied with films.

Indoor or outdoor installation of the film

Here is often discussed and much wrong reputed slides out of ignorance. An inner lining is always preferable to an outdoor installation ..... if it is feasible for safety of the glass. An internal cable film has a much longer shelf life for obvious reasons, as an outer film. Outer film is constantly exposed to the elements.

an inner foil is also considerably cheaper than a special outer foil.
minimum durability of the inner film 15 -. without loses 20 years, the film serious performance. An external film has, depending on type of installation (vertical or roof glazing) a shelf life of about 10-12 years. On skylights or "Overhead glazing" and the considerably less after weathering. It should absolutely be observed quality films lest after about three years, a foil "drained" is. Especially for roof windows, conservatory roofs u.s.w. there are special films that are significantly longer lasting. These "Kynar" Films are made of fluorene and are extremely durable. The films offer a very high solar and UV protection and Teflon are also coated. This Teflon coating can accumulating dirt and grime to the next rain run off. The windows need practically no longer be cleaned ... and may not want to. It would otherwise be the Teflon coating can be destroyed. If the rain does not create the cleaning as a spraying of the films with a water jet (garden hose) ranges.

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  • When should a film be laid outside?
  • Slide the window: Sunscreen makes Sommerlaune

When should a film be laid outside?

The newer lenses (under 10 years) are mostly of double glass .... is filled argon gas. This allows coating of the panes from the inside with a film only in very small slices. (About ca.1 qmtr.Fensterfläche) If the windows are larger one should for safety of the glass a special film from the outside laid under unfavorable circumstances could otherwise with superabsorbent films (Absorbition of the film = uptake of solar energy and conversion to heat) lead to a stress crack in the disc. Highly absorbent are films with about 40% to 50% and higher Absorbition. are not highly absorbing less than 40% and even below 30% absorption. Due to the absorption of the space between the panes is heated and the glass expands ... the higher the absorbance the greater the generation of heat in sunlight. This overheating of the disc space may lead to a crack in the glass. Particularly dark film (for example, black car films must never on a window glass) develop a very intense heat in sunlight.

Especially with skylights and "Overhead glazing" you should use a special outer film ... the angle of the discs to the sun which in turn reduces stress. No inner film with triple glazing .... when already existing, solar control glass! Completely harmless is a film with single glazing. (There is indeed no disk space). no conventional films may be laid on double-wall sheets (acrylic) .... plastic glass expands in the sun and contracts again. That would a "normal" not vote foil long .... they would tear. For twin-wall sheets and plastic discs, there are special films !!! ask for it. Incidentally offer films in winter yet, though small; additional insulation. Not to mention the anti-shatter the panes of enststeht through the film.

Is it possible to transfer the film itself?

Up to a certain plate size (small slices) it goes well if one is not just clumsy. For larger discs and special films, it is more difficult ... because the professional should ran. There are a lot of rules and many other things to consider when buying films. Therefore, you should be sure to consult. A specialized company, we find an optimal solution for you with sheets ... where you have many, many years to come. The advantage of the film is its enormous sun and UV protection, durability, price, processing, maintenance-free and a view from the inside to the outside is always given. Also can be removed without leaving any residue from the disk a film.

Sun protection film

Slide the window: Sunscreen makes Sommerlaune

bbs / Cc. Those who live on the sunny side and would collect lots of natural light, feels good. But only as long as the summer sun does not "pop" with full power on the window glass and ensures in the interiors of uncomfortable levels of heat. Then it is over quickly with the feel-good atmosphere. Also working in the kitchen or on the PC too much sunlight can create frustration quickly, on the other hand wants to not spend the day behind lowered blinds. For the semi-darkness inside with bright blue sky outside - that must not be now. 

With a transparent window protection as the d-c-fix glass Sun protection film ( all this can not happen. Even the mounting of the film makes practical Sommerlaune. The issue is easy: Simply slide disconnect, attach to the cleaned window - that's it. Can now also be in the living and working spaces again friendly sunny days enjoy. With a light transmittance of 28 percent, it remains inside always very bright Furthermore, the metallized surface of the film guarantees a rejection of heat of 68 percent -. And therefore a space environment where one can live without fatigue and work. And that the harmful UV radiation disappears to 99 percent, also gets finish: They fade from less.

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