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Technology determines our daily modern life. Usually we have to abide by the guidelines that bring these devices with them. However, we are also options open to original creations. You can, for example, for your home theater build a projector in your own design itself. That's why you find free building plans from the fields of electrical, home theater projectors and hi-fi accessories.

In the category "Technology and Electronics" you find:

  • DIY photo studio
  • Arduino building instructions
  • build projector and screen itself
  • tinker 3D glasses themselves

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You want einrichtigen a home cinema and looking building instructions or tips for a self-built technical equipment? Then you will find it on these pages. Because here we provide you with free instructions and tips for projectors, mobile projectors, screens and 3D glasses are available. In addition, a visit to our advice pages worth:

  • Tinkering with electronics
  • build loudspeakers
  • Case Modding



Technology and Electronics

build DIY photo studio

When the first professional camera was already expensive, not much money left for a photographic studio setup. Luckily, there are plenty of instructions for making your own lighting, photo backgrounds and camera technology. Blueprints for amateur photographers.

Arduino tutorials and building instructions

Arduino tutorials

With Arduino microcontrollers-yourselfer can or "Maker" actually control almost everything and automate: electronics and home theater systems, vehicles such as bicycles, drones or even lawnmowers. And he can feed his pets without having to think about it. Among the Arduino tutorials.

Technology and Electronics

build projector and screen itself

build a projector itself? No kidding, it works. We'll show you how to build your own projector and a screen with simple means and little skill. Whether as a projector for movies or phone Projector: The best guidance we have put together clearly. build projector and screen itself

Technology and Electronics

tinker 3D glasses themselves

3D glasses for today's 3D technology as it comes in cinemas on the application, it is difficult to produce in homemade. But for the older Red Grüne- or Red-Blue-method, 3D glasses let himself tinkering. Here you will find free tutorials for 3D glasses, as well as tutorials for 3D movies and images. tinker 3D glasses themselves

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