The current interior design trends in 2017

The current interior design trends in 2017

It is said that the establishment of a space is indicative of the personality of the occupant. This phenomenon is particularly noticeable when you visit friends or relatives. While the premises of a decorated in clean lines, someone else finds only in a cloud of colorful cushions proper security. After all, everyone has a different idea of ​​comfort in a personal retreat.

Conveniently, appears in the current interior design trends again for everyone to be something: wood continues to be the trend material for furniture, while among others the color blue and the Maritime style are new to it. More Oldies who remain with us, both the vintage and the Shabby Chic style as "Urban Jungle" in the accessories are. Be inspired by the interior design trends in 2017 and bring new life into your rooms.

Contents: interior design trends in 2017

  • Accessories in the "Urban Jungle" look
  • The Scandinavian interior style
  • The maritime style
  • The vintage look
  • Shabby Chic

Accessories in the "Urban Jungle" look

This Wohntrend grab the garden in your own home. It's basically about to equip the room with a variety of plants and produce a jungle feel.

The positive aspect of this decorating style is that he can pretty much fits all other styles: Because natural materials are in the foreground, it can be easily integrated easily into an existing body. Get easy but a little inspiration from the Urban Jungle bloggers.

The Scandinavian interior style

Simple and decent - the Scandinavian décorSimple and decent - the Scandinavian décor

As the name suggests, the Scandinavian interior design style has its origins in the northern European countries. It is characterized by clear lines and shapes, mixed with colored accents in the accessories. These can additionally be provided entirely with patterns.

The Scandinavians do without unnecessary Schnörkelei because they are more practical. This is reflected in the facility: Furniture must be appropriate in the first place, soft pastel tones are chosen to symbolize the long and cold nights of the North for the painting of the walls. This does not mean that bright colors or strong pattern would be prohibited, they find themselves only not in the furniture, but in the decorations such as curtains, cushions or carpets.

If you are unsure, better fits what style to your taste sensation, then just pick up but fresh ideas of various furniture stores. On find you some suggestions for your equipment.

The maritime style

Those who want to get summer, sun, beach and sea home should opt for maritime decorating style.

Blue and white is typical of the maritime style.Blue and white is typical of the maritime style.

In keeping with the traditional seafaring the colors blue, white and red are the focus, combined with like soft pastel colors. The main material is also made in this style wooden - be it in the Shabby Chic style or vintage look, first of all it is important to use maritime elements. This is, of course, especially in the decoration. For instructions, see "Tinker with shells, sand and stones",

You can pretty much use everything you find at a beach walk or has what could only begin to do with the topic:

  • White linen cover
  • drift wood
  • Blue and white stripes
  • anchor pattern

Accessories made of brass, such as brass lamps are also used like elements.

The vintage look

The 70 are a form of vintage looks.The 70 are a form of vintage looks.

Old furniture tell stories and spread a touch of the past. It is therefore no wonder that the vintage style still is bang on trend. Still, you have to distinguish between normal and retro vintage furniture.

To Retro namely counts everything is not really old, but was visually prepared that way. Yet there are some pieces of furniture that can be described as vintage by the newly launched Design entirely. Nevertheless lovers will probably always prefer to opt for a stock than a replica. The special feature of this furniture is the fact that quite one or the other of wear must be visible - that's what makes namely the actual attraction. Nevertheless, the apartment should not look too cluttered.

The combination of modern and old furnishings makes the charm of living style.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is easy to produce yourself.Shabby Chic is easy to produce yourself.

Those who can not decide between old, new, or even curious objects, will find the perfect style of living in shabby chic.

The resulting mix of styles constitute an essential factor of this device option. Much like the vintage look very much importance is attached here that the individual pieces of furniture bear clear signs on display. the furniture with dull colors or pastel tones and shimmering accessories that complete the whole thing only really combined.

When Shabby Chic, you can let off steam and indiscriminately up the old furniture of your aunt next to a Ikearegal, provide embroidered pillowcases on the sofa, which in turn stands on a Persian rug. In this style, pretty much anything goes.

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