the Maypole

the Maypole

Of the 1st of May is a public holiday, which is traditionally celebrated in many places. Of the maypole will - set up the night before, or directly on May 1 ceremony in a village square - depending on the region. This large and straight grown spruce strain that is still green at the top, is decorated by women with beef carvings and decorated with the crest and guild signs of the village. Finally, a large, green braided ring is still provided with colored ribbons and also hung around the trunk. Here, the green tops and wreath, the actual symbols of the custom and stand for fertility.

Contents about Maypole

  • Origin and tradition of the maypole
  • up Maypole
  • steal Maypole
  • Maypole customs in Upper Bavaria
  • Maibäume as a token of love

Origin and tradition of the maypole

the Maypole

Trees are a sign of life and stand for growth, fertility and steadfastness. There are various assumptions Where and when of the maypole the first time was published. However, its tradition goes back many centuries and was u. a. a method of dating service. The bachelors were on May evening Women in auction and thus secured the marriage of a town. But the maypole is also for the prosperity of the town and for civic and community awareness. The richer a village was, the larger and glorious were the Crest and guild signs. Today, great emphasis is placed on this old tradition, especially in Hesse and Bavaria.

up Maypole

the Maypole

Before drawing up the tree in the middle of the village, he is ceremoniously carried through the village. From viewers admired and most of a chapel accompanied the young men carry this heavy tree trunk through the village and bring him with much force into position. Meanwhile, the other residents pass the time with plenty of beer and sausages. Late in the evening the festival will be called by the Maitanz accompanies and is usually moist and merry until dawn. The maypole is usually the month.

steal Maypole

A popular custom is to not yet established maypole to steal. Therefore, this is also constantly guarded and not left unattended. The parish of another village can thereby come up with some tricks to get to the Maypole another municipality. Redeemed is the stolen goods, by the local municipality, mostly by beer and a snack for all. However, there are unwritten rules, that everyone in steal Maypole Note has:

  1. Only already cut trees may be stolen.
  2. The tribe must already be in the village and must not be taken out of the forest, as these are to wood theft These and can be prosecuted.
  3. It may only be stolen the Maypole of another village. The own maypole is only to guard and must also Not be for fun away.
  4. With the robbery you must not be discovered. Even if you get caught, you have to give up without a fight back strain. Violence in any respect is strictly prohibited and would provide all the custom in question. Also, the strain must remain whole and must not sawed, cut, or damaged.
  5. Already established Maibäume are taboo.
  6. If successful, the parties enter into theft negotiation and may represent only fulfill values ​​and conditions.
  7. but fails any negotiation, the stolen goods is in their own village a few weeks as Schandbaum set up and then cut up and sold at auction. During the time a panel is mounted on which the actual owners are mocked.
  8. The whole practice is to peacefully without violence and done without any hassle. The whole thing should be seen as fun and so passed on to the generations.

the Maypole

Maypole customs in Upper Bavaria

On May 1, the same scene is running in many places in Bavaria From: beer, snacks, music and lots of socializing - all this belongs to the customs around the maypole. King Max I. Joseph in honor were set up in Bavaria in the early 19th century, the first white-blue maypole. May trees are up to 40 feet long in this region. The setting up of the maypole takes all morning and many strong men to complete. But as spectacular as popular is the pilfering of the maypole. Once a tree has been chosen in the forest, it is no longer safe from the Fraternities of the neighboring community. The Maypole Klau's about, with the aim of then demand huge quantities of beer and snacks.

the Maypole

Maibäume as a token of love

With all the traditions there is also the tradition to show his love on May 1, the love interest. Usually bring young unmarried men at the house of the single women of a village small Maibäume at. These remain about a month hanging and then picked up again by the young men, under the request of a response or gesture. In many regions in a leap year, the gender role is exchanged. Then the women bring to the Maibäumchen. Even in the cities is the give Maibäumchen a popular and at the same romantic gesture. Many people are originally from rural areas and would also in the city their traditions remain faithful.


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