tinker autumnal Fensterbilder

tinker autumn tree

Window pictures of any kind are a nice decoration for the autumn months a year. Both from the inside and from the outside they offer a beautiful sight. in the fall when the days get shorter, colorful window images allow magical lighting effects in the living area.

Set with colorful window displays, striking contrasts to the autumn nature and start now with your own custom Windows images.

Contents: tinker Autumnal Fensterbilder

  • Materials for window pictures
  • Instructions for making a squirrel Window Picture
  • Instructions for making a hedgehog window image
  • Instructions for making a colorful autumn tree

Materials for window pictures

  • Colorful construction paper or craft cardboard
  • glue stick
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Colored and markers
  • needle
  • thread
  • adhesive film
  • colorful autumn leaves, and watercolor

Instructions for making a squirrel Window Picture

Squirrel FensterbildWindow picture of a squirrel

1st step

At the beginning of the work put tracing paper (or white tracing paper) on white craft paper and place the presentation of the squirrel below. Paint the lines with pencil on the image to so that the contours on the cardboard are visible.

step 2

Cut the subject now, and paint it to your taste with colored or felt pens to you. 

step 3

In the next step prick with a needle, a small hole in the upper part of the window image, and a thread the thread. Then tie the two ends together and cut the excess thread. Finally, you can fix the window frame with adhesive film on the window or on the frame.


Since Fensterbilder the window mostly adorning both from outside and from the inside, you should ideally tinker the images on both sides and then stick together. In this way, you have a beautiful view of both sides of the subject. Another alternative would be easy to paint the window screen from both sides.

For a two-sided window image you need to print the squirrel image twice. To obtain a template for the back of the picture, insert the image ideally face-down on a lit surface. For this purpose, is a window pane. 

By the light of the lines are in the picture now visible on the back and can therefore be tightened easily with a black pen. Then transfer both templates on white cardboard, and then paint them out to your taste. Once you cut this in the next step, apply glue to the back of a window image and glue both parts together. 

Instructions for making a hedgehog window image

Igel templateWindow picture of a hedgehog with apple

1st step

In the first step, a meadow for the hedgehog is crafted. For that you draw on green cardboard about a 6 cm wide rectangle and cut it out.

step 2

Then the hedgehog follows. With our craft template you can on tracing paper (or light tracing paper) and then transferred to brown cardboard and cut out the hedgehog easy. Paint the hedgehog then with a black marker many spikes on its back and a round nose and an eye to the right place. 

Tip: You can draw the little feet of the hedgehog on light brown paper and then glue them to the correct position so that they stand out from the rest of the body. Here your own imagination is in demand!

step 3

Now the apples are for the hedgehog's turn. Just draw to a round red apple on cardboard and cut it off. Paint then a stick on brown paper and cut it out also.

step 4

Now sprinkle your feet and the lower abdomen of the Hedgehog with glue and stick it on the lawn. Then stick to the apples. 

step 5

Finally, attach a thread in the middle of your screen image and stick it with adhesive tape on the window or on the frame. 

Instructions for making a colorful autumn tree

Autumn tree window imageWindow image of an autumn tree

Since the leaves of the trees change color in autumn in many different colors, they are ideal for a colorful autumn tree you can hang a window decoration.

1st step

Paint a tree trunk on brown construction paper or brown cardboard first and cut from these. 

step 2

then draw to the upper end of the log several branches, are glued to the later colorful autumn leaves. 

step 3

Finally, sprinkle the collected colorful autumn leaves on the back with adhesive and stick them individually to the painted branches of the tree trunk. You can then attach the tree with adhesive film on the window or frame.


Alternatively, instead of the autumn leaves, with water color paint on colorful leaves. To swipe a finger with water color and press it onto the paper. 

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