with easy to understand instructions and free tinker Carnival hat and Faschingsmaske itself.

Carnival is just around the corner, the costume is already bought or assembled by hand - only the mask and / or the matching carnival hat still missing.

What to do?

To buy the matching hat or decorated mask, is a fast but no genuine solution. Tinker is the missing part of your disguise Just himself. With our easy to understand instructions, you can cast a spell-cylinder, a Sharky Hat, crafting a witch hat itself, create a clown hat or a pirate according to their own wishes and moderation.

For which panels is a cylinder the finishing touch for a big show?

A magician, a gentlemen, movie characters, such as Fred Astaire or creepy a funeral or a vampire -. All these figures require practical for a well-fitting cylinder

Carnival masks
Besides the obligatory Faschingsmaske we also have a cat mask, a theater mask or a creepy plaster mask in the repertoire.

The instructions are available for both children and for adults.

The magic cylinder can be found at: