Video: Two pollen filter at the Golf IV

Change pollen filter / cabin filter

The pollen or cabin air filter prevents air pollution of any kind that make the driver breathing difficult. If the filter is old and very dirty, so often an unpleasant odor generated in the vehicle and the filter function is impaired. Therefore, it is advisable to change the filter regularly.

Change pollen filter / cabin filter: Contents

  • Key features of the pollen filter
  • When should you change?
  • The change pollen filter
  • Video: Two pollen filter at the Golf IV
  • Changing the pollen filter at the Golf IV

Key features of the pollen filter

Activated carbon filter


A pollen filter is now fitted as standard in most vehicles. It is installed in front of the intake section of the ventilation, similar to the air filter of the engine.

Even simple pollen filters absorb particles as fine dust, mold spores, diesel or even pollen and prevent them from entering the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Allergy sufferers benefit from this "protection"Because he makes them in the spring life easier and safer. The allergic reactions are not only annoying but also dangerous in traffic. So there are estimates that predict increased by 30% Accident Risk.

Additional protection is provided combination filter, which combine the usual paper filter with an activated carbon layer. This has the effect that unpleasant odors and harmful gases, such as ozone and benzene, are filtered.

When should you change?

According to the manufacturer, the intervals are to change the filter at around 30,000 km. By the time one hears a musty smell when the air is turned on, it is high time to change the filter. 

A clogged filter will cause the the entire ventilation of the interior is poor and fogged the windows faster. Especially in the fall and winter of harmful bacteria and mold can settle on old filters. A good time for change is also the spring, because the filter is in this time facing the biggest burden in the year.

The change pollen filter

The change of the filter is a simple matter in general and requires about 15 minutes. The position of the pollen filter is over depending on the vehicle again. Most often, however we find the pollen filter in the passenger footwell, or it is mounted externally accessible below the windshield.

To come close in on the filters only a disguise must be dismantled most, which is fastened with screws or clipped. The filter itself is clipped into a mounting frame and can be removed easily. When inserting the new filter you should pay attention necessarily mean that it is inserted in the correct direction (AIR FLOW note lettering!).

On the website of BOSCH we find very good illustrated instructions for many types of vehicles, which should allow the installation even for users without problem.

Video: Two pollen filter at the Golf IV

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