Water pipes and drinking water treatment

Treatment of drinking water

Drinking water

is considered globally drinking just a scarce commodity, but not (yet), as so often, the proud Central Europe. But beware: What's in perfect condition from the waterworks, may be affected by defective house wiring in its quality.

The waterworks are obliged to provide safe drinking water to the house. What happens in the pipes inside the house to the tap, is for the homeowner. Make sure that only sanitary installations are used, the materials shall be allowed in drinking water in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Water is not only the best thirst quencher, also in the food preparation can not fail you. Therefore, one should not be left to chance its quality.

For drinking water is not only the tap in the kitchen, but in general the shower and bath water.

Contents on drinking water analysis

  • Zinc, copper and lead in drinking water
  • prevent dirt in drinking water
  • drinking water analysis
  • Analysis of drinking water at home
  • Membrane technology for water treatment
  • Stagnant water - regular exchange of water

Reports of uranium in drinking water have in the summer attention again drawn to our food no. 1 (see www.foodwatch.de). The waterworks will also not have been so happy. They usually provide a perfect product, which confirm them, the consumer organizations.

And where the cool water is too hard for boiler, coffee maker and washing machine, that is too much calcium and magnesium contains, can be provided with treatment plants for softening house other remedy.

Zinc, copper and lead in drinking water

If the water pipes behind the water in poor condition, something has to happen. Deposits in the pipes stuck mostly behind it, if unsavory "brown broth" flows from the tap, not quite so harmless, because on them, bacteria can easily settle.

Galvanized steel pipes are prone to corrosion and do not always have the good fortune that leaks make early noticeable. Also not to be trifled with elevated copper content in water from copper pipes: it sometimes dyed hair green and may be harmful for infants and young children.

Water pipes and drinking water treatmentClean water in the bathroom. Photo: BWT

The most pressing problem but are lead pipes. In old buildings in northern Germany from the period before 1973 and in the new federal states there are still increases the gray, heavy pipes, mostly without elbows, with thick Lötwulsten that you can easily carve with a knife or screwdriver.

Lead is highly toxic, it affects proven particularly detrimental to the growth of the young brain of (a symptom is language delay in children). If the installation are concealed, you have to gather information from the previous owners or possibly ask long-established plumbing companies.

is first and easiest method to use any so-called stagnation water more. Even water that has been standing for more than 30 minutes in the line should be allowed to drain away or use for cleaning, only the cool, fresh from the provider is back for tea, coffee and suitable for the vial.

Water pipes and drinking water treatmentTube-in-tube guide. Photo: Viga

A real solution is of course only the complete replacement of old pipes, a job for a specialist company. The local Water Authority maintains a list of authorized specialist companies. In addition, the health department is the contact person.

In the affected regions, some offices offer homes where pregnant women or small children live, the free analysis of drinking water to. Quick turns out then whether action is needed.

The legal limit is still at 0,025 milligrams per liter, but will be lowered to the prescribed by the World Health Organization guideline value of 0.01 milligrams per liter, 2013.

prevent dirt in drinking water

Deposits of lime, rust and dirt

Lime, rust and dirt are usually the cause of damage to the drinking water system. Not to mention impairment of taste and increased energy consumption by calcification completely.

Fighting lime

Water pipes and drinking water treatmentWater softener Water pipes and drinking water treatmentrust depositsWater pipes and drinking water treatmentpressure GaugeWater pipes and drinking water treatmentcalcification <br>Photos: Grünbeck

Water softening prevents calcification of pipes and devices, or delay addition, it at least. The classic water softener against too much lime work on the basis of a salt exchange.

The deposits forming magnesium ion and calcium cations are replaced with reference to an ion exchange with other ions pairings before they can deposit on heating elements or in pipes as lime. One can also add the operation of the washing machine or dishwasher water softener.

But the beautiful new surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens quickly ugly lime scale deposits show up in hard or intermediate tap water. By the way, also the energy consumption increases due to reduced heat dissipation.

However, lime poses yet another danger within itself: calcium deposits are not smooth, but a highly fissured surface, which is an ideal growth area for bacteria such. B. Legionella offer. Comfortable and effective are therefore water softeners, which are upstream of the water distribution in the house. For drinking water systems only tested softeners are approved (GS mark and DIN / DVGW mark).

Pitting rust
Rust particles, dirt eingeschwämmter cause for deposit corrosion and other rust on the plumbing system and lead to pitting and imminent burst water pipe.

On these dirt and rust deposits can keep particularly well as on the limestone germs, such as viruses and bacteria, they are a potential protective and brood chamber. In addition, such deposits reduce the flow of drinking water.

For this reason, the installation of filters into the domestic water installation is prescribed metal and copper pipes and also recommended for plastic pipes in DIN 1988th Protection against rust and dirt offer filters. Many households know lime problems: filters, water softeners and dosing create here the necessary remedy.

dirt particles
You can hear as homeowners and -bewohner like: refurbishment of corroded and calcified or simply leaden installations would be possible without replacing the pipes without prying open the walls. the lines are in this case first cleaned with corundum sand or metal shot and compressed air, then coated with epoxy resin from the inside.

But the fact is that so far, long-term experiences are missing and found themselves in some cases retrospectively parts of the seal in drinking water. In this technology, experts say, in which the devil is in the detail and in the execution of infected has yet to be filed.

General dirt particles such as hemp, chips, sand or the like pass through remedial measures, repairs or new connections of the pipe network repeatedly into the water.

An installed behind the water meter of the house filter (according to DIN 50930 duty) is used to remove coarse particles, such as grains of sand and rust. Filters must be cleaned regularly according to manufacturer's instructions, otherwise it comes to the growth of bacteria, which are then delivered to the flowing past drinking water.

Credit to clean up

Replacement of lead pipes in the public interest, therefore, the measures of the KfW development bank are supported. Under the program "modernize housing" you get low-interest loans.

Tel .: 01801/33 55 77 (nationwide local rate)
Fax: 069/74 14 31-42
Internet: www.kfwfoerderbank. de

drinking water analysis

Installation check and inspection

The Federal Environment Agency recommends that filters and water softeners every two months, backflow preventer and safety valves are inspected every six months. Water heaters should be taken annually under the microscope again.

The drinking water check, which is offered by Guild local operations, including loud ZVSHK, the "Central Association of Plumbing, Heating and Air"All points concerning safety, hygiene and economy and does not take much longer than half a day in a house. If everything is okay or the deficiencies are corrected, there is a seal of approval (see www.wasserwaermeluft.de).

Analysis of drinking water at home

Water pipes and drinking water treatmentPhoto: Grünbeck

Who wants to know, is drinking water testing kits to determine the water quality in the trade. to identify easily and accurately the water quality, these sets have all assistive devices. Critics say the results is too vague, things would only submitting a sample to a laboratory.

  • Do it yourself: "pollutant tester" Greenpeace, on www.test-wasser.de there is an entire store with prices of 40-80 euros. Here is a video tutorial on water testing
  • Laboratory: Stiftung Warentest offers for 28 euros an analysis of where www.inlabo.de you go from 48 euros going on, water tests can be done in almost all pharmacies can

Membrane technology for water treatment

In water treatment and membrane technology is used to separate unwanted substances in the water.

Water pipes and drinking water treatment

According to the task (cut point), a distinction is the membrane separation process microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO). The electrodeionization (EDI) can be systematically settled as a combination of processes Membrane Technology / ion exchanger here. (Scheme: Grünbeck)

Stagnant water - regular exchange of water

Water pipes and drinking water treatmentDiscolored water from the tap <br> Photo: Grünbeck

A regular consumption of drinking water to prevent stagnation in the system. Especially after long absences (which is valid from three days), the entire system should be flushed before the water is used for human consumption.

For this, all taps are open until the complete water exchange is reached. Also in rarely used guest bathrooms water must flow or the line is completely removed from the drinking water system.

Further, compliance with the temperature limits must be set to a regular exchange of the water (hot water min. 60 ° C and cold water as possible not exceed 20 ° C) and regular maintenance of the plant be taken by the installer.

In particular hot water circuits are prone to the growth of microorganisms, thereby Legionella are mainly as latent danger. For combating Legionella combined measures Kalkschutz- dirt filters and UV disinfection systems have been proven in practice.

Microbiological problems

Water pipes and drinking water treatmentPhoto: Geberit

Deviations from technical standards, improper use, unfavorable temperature ranges, incorrect connections and the use of non-approved materials are the most common causes of microbiological problems in household drinking water.

Hygiene experts recommend only to use components whose materials are approved for drinking water in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Thus, for example, "Geberit Mepla" Composite pipe systems and the "Geberit Mapress" Piping system performance systems, their components are subject to stringent quality checks - from raw material to finished product.

Information - Brochure "drinking what"

Detailed information about the topic Drinking water is available in the brochure "drinking what" the Federal Environment Agency.

They can be www.umweltbundesamt.de on the website under the heading "publications" download or order.

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