Wicker garden furniture

Rattan is known to many as braided material out of the basket of goods or furniture. It is made from the root of rattan palm and can be easily bent under the influence of heat and processed. In this way it is easy to produce possible ergonomic furniture for example. Since Rattan is a natural material, it can be used only conditionally for outdoor use, because the weather is to the material and allows it to be quickly disintegrate in use.

Contents on wicker garden furniture

  • Emergence of wicker furniture
  • Properties of poly rattan
  • Beware of imitations Polyrattan!
  • Youtube Video: flower pots made of poly rattan
  • Product diversity Polyrattanprodukten
  • Cleaning of wicker patio furniture
  • So the cleaning works

Emergence of wicker furniture

In the 80s, the former professional football player Robert Dekeyser came up with the idea to produce rattan furniture based on synthetic Rattanfasern. He developed it further, the polyethylene formulation of his grandfather, which of those formerly used for Henkel detergent drums. The so-called "wicker" is compared to natural rattan weather-proof and UV-resistant all-weather wicker, which is designed to mimic the natural Rattanfaser perfect. Main idea is to reconcile the cozy and warm look of natural wicker furniture with the weather resistance of synthetic fabrics. In addition, it relies on an innovative design that gives the furniture its very own charm.

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Wicker garden furniture

Properties of poly rattan

The wicker furniture are considered very stable and particularly robust, with the polyethylene-made fibers have already undergone a long development process. Fibers leading manufacturer are tested thoroughly and are subject to constant development process. The aim of this process is to lead closer and more natural product, the artificial fiber and to keep the quality at a high standard. Not only in the field of weather resistance, but also in the areas of look and feel much progress has been made. In addition to a wide range of colors high quality poly rattan now has a surface texture which feels great soft and light rough. In contrast, most cheap imitations are still using smooth and unstructured surfaces that they betray quickly as such.

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Wicker garden furniture

Beware of imitations Polyrattan!

The number of imitators and counterfeiting is increasing year by year. Most plagiarism from China, where they are made from low-quality fibers and are then sold for a fraction of the original price come. Who buys his garden furniture at the disc Outer, but should be prepared for the fact that the life of imitation is about 3-4 years. Who wants to put in the long term on furniture in a chic design, which should have direct access to products from reputable manufacturers. 

Youtube Video: flower pots made of poly rattan

Product diversity Polyrattanprodukten

wicker lounge

In addition to standard garden furniture such as wicker seating areas most reputable manufacturer such as Dedon offer to additional products. The product range goes from wicker planters on wicker lounge to wicker chair. In addition, there is the wicker furniture in different shapes and colors. Often known designers are hired for the design of furniture, which then give the collections a very personal touch.

Cleaning of wicker patio furniture

Wicker garden furniture

The trendy and elegant garden furniture made of poly rattan found in more and more gardens a place, but after a long garden season they are not immune from wear. In order for the high-quality and expensive furniture Bondex also shine in time for the new season again in his usual brilliance developed a new Polyrattan cleaner. With this all in Kuststoffmöbel braid optics can effectively clean and maintain. Contaminants such as residues of sunscreen or unsightly water marks are for the Polyrettan cleaner not a problem because he has an intense and schonened same time. It does not matter whether you apply it in lunge furniture, dining tables, chairs, garden chairs or beach chairs. The color of the furniture is clearly refreshed and in addition the cleaner prevents long-term aging of garden furniture in front.

So the cleaning works

1.  spray the Bondex Polyrattan cleaner pure on the surface and leave for a short time.

Second  pick up the loosened dirt with a sponge or cloth and rinse with water.

Third  For particularly stubborn deposits with a sponge or soft brush after-treated and rinse with water.