Wood protection with Xyladecor

Wood protection with Xyladecor

Get off the couch and into the garden! With the first warm rays of sunshine many grabs to the lust, house and garden for the long-awaited summer season back on track. Has winter left the Garden wood in drab gray, it is now high time to act. For the start of the gardening season gives Xyladecor practical advice about Wood protection and maintenance. So that you feel completely at home in your kingdom in the countryside and enjoy the sunshine to its fullest.

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Wood protection with Xyladecor

Natural long-term preservation glaze

With the natural long-term preservation glaze of Xyladecor your wood gets a long-lasting wood protection. It consists of natural wood oils, thereby combining langanhaltenen protection with sustainability. Information on the natural long-term preservation glaze of Xyladecor

Wood protection with Xyladecor

Wood preservation

Wooden structures have weaknesses that require special protection. Tips from Xyladecor this show which sites are affected, how to protect it and what wood protection products are suitable. Wood preservation

Wood protection with Xyladecor

Xyladecor wood preservative glazes at a glance

protect the wood preservative glazes of Xyladecor and maintain your wood for indoor and outdoor use. They can also be clean and easy to apply and are suitable for different types of wood. Xyladecor wood preservative glazes at a glance

Wood protection with Xyladecor

Our three microsites on wood protection

So that the wood looks long maintained a long-lasting protection and thorough care are necessary. Here you will find practical tips for wood protection and wood care with Xyladecor products. Our three microsites on the subject of wood preservation

Wood protection with Xyladecor

protect teak garden furniture with Xyladecor

With teak garden furniture, a special care is required so that they retain their good looks for long. This guide shows you how to deal with the Xyladecor care gels and teak furniture oil the wood. protect teak garden furniture with Xyladecor

Wood protection with Xyladecor

Consolan weather protection Color

With the shell color of Consolan protect your wood from weather and sun up to 10 years. This guide shows you how easy it is to apply the color and what preparations are recommended. Consolan weather protection Color

Wood protection with Xyladecor

Weather Protection for Wood is "Sprayable"

Spraying instead emphasize. With the Xyladecor spray system treat 1m² wood in less than a minute. This applies to fences and garden houses just like for wood floors.

Information about the spraying of Xyladecor

Caring for wooden terraces and garden parquet

A wooden deck is permanently exposed to the weather. So that the wood retains its fine appearance, Xyladecor provides care products that are specifically designed for the protection of wooden floors outdoors. They penetrate deep into the wood, protect it from UV radiation and the weather. On this page you will receive more information about the wood-care products from Xyladecor.

Wood protection with Xyladecor

Your garden or balcony design takes inspiration?

Your garden wood needs effective protection and the heart of the handyman should beat faster? Then you are exactly right with www.mein-gartenholz.de of Xyladecor! Among other things, we have worked there for five garden worlds that give suggestions for their own garden paradise. The ideas and concepts can be implemented easily - whether for a small "spot" or for a lavish estate.

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Wood protection with Xyladecor

emphasize Clever: Xyladecor

Save time and money with the classic Xyladecor. The Xyladecor Wood Protection Stain 2in 1 serves you in almost all activities outdoors. You do not need an extra primer when in use. This saves not only time but also money.

More information: Xyladecor 2in1 glazes

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