Downloads Box

Downloads Box adds a box for your downloads and takes care of the formatting, automatically adding the proper icon to the links, even if the file is compressed, and redirects visitors to the registration page if not logged in.

The intention of this plugin is not to prevent piracy but encourage visitors to register, to maximize social interaction.

Just install the plugin or download it and FTP it to the plugin folder, and activate it. That will add an icon to your post editor’s toolbar (visual view)

To add a new downloads box, select your link, links, or nothing, and just place the cursor where you want the Downloads Box to appear. Then click the Downloads button and add a title for the downloads box in the popup window, that will appear after the word “Download”, or leave the input field empty to show the default text, to read “Download the files here”

Below is a sample of how it looks and the actual plugin files for download

Download Downloads Box

You can download the latest version (just in case I dropped dead tired before to update the link in these pages) from the WordPress plugins directory.

Leave your comments, bug reports or suggestions below.


I added a new feature to waive registrations. When selected, this plugin only works as a way to format the box and downloads, which will be available right away, regardless of being a registered user or not. This defeats the whole purpose of this plugin (encouraging registrations) but because some users requested it…

To add the option for the shortcode version, add waiveregistration=”1″ to the parameters.

I accept donations even if you find this plugin not as useful as you expected. In that case, of course, let me know and I’ll try to modify it to suit your needs, if I find some spare time.


  1. Hello,

    Nice plugin. But I would like to know whether it can be placed as a sidebar widget. That’d be more easy. So that the download option can be found at the homepage and every single pages.


    ADMIN EDIT: Now Downloads Box DOES have a widget for that.

    June 22, 2010
    3:09 am

  2. Flek:
    That’s a great idea for a new plugin, that scans a pre-defined folder and creates a downloads box, but I think that already exists. This one is for bloggers, who offer some files for download and WRITE about them, rather than for spammy automated downloads websites.

    June 22, 2010
    4:17 am

  3. I’m not seeing any prompts requiring me to register. Is this not functioning on this site? Thank you.

    June 25, 2010
    4:21 pm

  4. Nice plugin. I tested it in WordPress 3.0, seems to works so Ill use it some more and see how it does.

    June 25, 2010
    8:12 pm

  5. My bad. I was playing with my login page for a new plugin project I’m working on. It’s an auto-login, to bypass email confirmation the first time, and favor user interaction rather than “pix” them off.
    My login page has been fixed we well as the latest plugin version.

    June 26, 2010
    5:59 am

  6. Sorry for the question but I cannot seem to find the “Downloads Button” as mentioned in the instructions below. Where does it appear?

    To add a new downloads box, select your link, links, or nothing, and just place the cursor where you want the Downloads Box to appear. Then click the Downloads button and add a title for the downloads box in the popup window, that will appear after the word “Download”, or leave the input field empty to show the default text, to read “Download the files here”


    June 28, 2010
    1:45 pm

  7. I installed it on wp 3.0 but i couldn’t see any download icon.
    please provide a screen shot of the icon @work

    June 29, 2010
    3:37 am

  8. I’ve been looking for a plugin like this. I installed it and activated it. But I’m having problems getting it to work. I can’t find the icon in the editor’s toolbar to make it work. Can you please help?

    June 29, 2010
    6:52 am

  9. Miles, Ara, Nima:
    My apologies. I had some issues managing the system WordPress uses to upload plugins (it keeps track of every file you move, copy, etc) and some file versions were old when you downloaded it.
    Update to 1.1.4 to fix the issues.

    Remember to rate it and tell “works” if this fixes the issue.

    Sergio Zambrano
    June 30, 2010
    3:24 am

  10. Thanks for your kind reply.
    I like this plugin. it is smart and simple and i will rate it.

    June 30, 2010
    5:32 am

  11. I hope there is an option where users dont have to register to download files

    July 1, 2010
    10:02 am

  12. Cindy:

    I hope there is an option where users dont have to register to download files

    No, there isn’t.
    Now, if you are talking about THIS download, my plugin, not YOUR downloads that the plugin would feature, well yes, you can download it from WordPress extend pages. Link above.
    If you want the plugin doing something different to what it was meant to (encouraging registrations) let me know and I can develope somethig that fits your needs.

    Sergio Zambrano
    July 2, 2010
    12:55 am

  13. Hi Sergio,

    I’m using “Downloads Box” on my site.

    You can find it at: keepinbeat . com/download

    Right now anybody can download the files without registering. Try it for yourself.

    How can I make it so that the user has to be logged in order to download?



    July 10, 2010
    1:45 am

  14. Can you guide me through the steps you took for creating the downloads box?

    There’s a WordPress bug, unresolved yet, that occurs when you select a link in visual view and a button you clicked in the toolbar wraps ONLY the content of your link (the anchor text) with the code that button was made for.
    Usually the code should wrap the whole link, but in this case THE WHOLE code added by that button gets wrapped by your link.

    That only happens when there’s a single link in your selection when you clicked the button.

    Try selecting a LIST of links, or add an empty line BEFORE and AFTER your single link and select them along with your link before to click the button.

    Anyway, when you get that to work, done that way, you’ll get a lot of download boxes each with a title, and a link inside. You should select all of them, and then clicking the button.

    I took a look at your page and it seems the replaced link is in there, but inside another, all that inside the title with the special scripted fonts some plugin is generating, and missing the anchor text for the link. All that makes the code so corrupt the browser does what it can.

    The code in html view should look like this:

    [downloads_box title="your title here" ]
    <a href="link/to/your/">File name</a>

    Any other configuration won’t catch the link to be replaced.

    Sergio Zambrano
    July 10, 2010
    1:51 am

  15. Ho un problema.. non conosco bene il linguaggio html etc etc.. ho scaricato DOWNLOAD BOX e vorrei capire come utilizzarlo.. ossia.. come creo la cartella dei download e pesonalizzo il plugin perche chi vuoi scaricare debba inserire nome ed email?
    MI contatti nel modo che ritiene piu appropriato!

    July 12, 2010
    6:54 am

  16. Stefano:
    For the login issue, follow previous message instructions.
    Para el problema con el Log-In, siga las instrucciones del comentario anterior.

    You need FTP access to create your downloads folder in your HTML server. Then you define it in a Downloads-Box widget, added to your sidebar. The button in your Post Editor won’t add a whole folder, just generates a new Downloads-Box around the links you selected in your post.

    Para crear la carpeta con archivos a descargar, necesitas acceso FTP y crear una carpeta en su servidor html. Entonces escriba ese URL en un nuevo widget de Downloads-Box agregado a su columna/sidebar (relativo a su instalacion de WordPress).

    El boton en el editor de articulos NO genera una lista de descargas desde una carpeta. Eso solo lo hace el widget. El boton del editor sólo genera un Downloads-Box a partir de los links seleccionados en el editor.

    Sergio Zambrano
    July 12, 2010
    7:08 am

  17. Hello I think this plugin is only for files hosted on your server correct? I use a file sharing server and just post the download links on my site. So I guess this is not for me right?

    July 19, 2010
    5:18 pm

  18. Hi!
    Great plugin!
    Does it work in multisite WP (3.0)? Actually I got it to work, but couldn’t do the css images for filetypes appear correctly. Any hints?

    July 21, 2010
    10:45 pm

  19. Renato:
    No idea without more info.
    First check there’s a download_icons.css file linked in the header of your output page (select view source in your browser) I’ll look like <link rel='stylesheet' id='myStyleSheets-css' href='' type='text/css' media='all' />

    Then, copy the address in that line and make sure it opens in your browser
    Third, check png files in there are found when you add that url to the plugin folder’s
    Use a downloads box somewhere and let me know where it is and I’ll take a look at the code to see what’s wrong.

    Sergio Zambrano
    July 22, 2010
    7:52 pm

  20. Bob:
    It should work on your shared hosting. Just make sure the downloads folder you specify in the widget points to the same url than the folder where your “uploads” go, and “Organize my uploads into month…” option is unchecked in the dashboard’s “media” settings before you upload your media. The files should not be inside folders to be seen by the plugin.

    Sergio Zambrano
    July 22, 2010
    8:01 pm

  21. Thank you very much. I’ll look into this and then give you a feedback.

    July 23, 2010
    3:24 pm

  22. Hi, I am using your DB plugin and I think it ‘s a great plugin. Is it possible to make it download a single file and not to list files inside of the specified folder. If is please tell me how to make this. Thank you.

    Aleksandar Pusac
    August 1, 2010
    7:43 am

  23. Alexander,
    Just put a single file inside the folder, if you want it to be a sidebar.
    If you want it to appear in one post only, use the toolbar button instead.

    Sergio Zambrano
    August 1, 2010
    7:46 am

  24. Hi, I am using your plugin, and although I have “remove lovelink” checked, it is still displaying on my page. How can I remove this?

    August 11, 2010
    3:24 pm

  25. Great plugin but I wanted to know is there a way to create multiple widgets for download box so I can use different download boxes on different pages of my site. So each page would have its own download box linking to a different set of files. Thanks

    August 11, 2010
    5:00 pm

  26. Tom:
    Download and install “widget logic”. You can then specify what pages each of your sidebar widgets should appear in, by filling in the condition in a text field at the bottom of each widget.

    E.g. for a widget that should only appear in “about” page, you’ll use “is_page(‘about’)” or “is_page(2)” (without quotation marks) You can check wordpress conditional tags for a list of them, to show the widgets conditionally on the home page, a specific post, a specific page, etc.

    Sergio Zambrano
    August 11, 2010
    7:12 pm

  27. Anuraag:
    Try to uninstall (removing files) the plugin, logout, login and re-installing the plugin. I assume your installation is keeping old files in your plugins folder.

    If that didn’t solve it, just remove the following from downloads-box.php

    if ($nocredit !== 'true' ) $content .= '<p class="dlb_linklove"><small>Downloads Box by <a href="" alt="Social Blogsites and WordPress plugins" title="Social Blogsites and WordPress plugins" rel="nofollow"></a></small></p>';</code>

    Sergio Zambrano
    August 11, 2010
    7:18 pm

  28. Sergio thanks for the quick reply. I am currently using widget logic, but the problem is when I drag download box over to the right hand side bar I cannot use it again. It only allows me to use your plugin widget once. I have to drag it back over to the available widgets to use it on another page. I would like to use your widget on different pages and have each widget for each page link to files in different folders. Is this possible with your plugin? Thanks

    August 11, 2010
    7:32 pm

  29. Tom:
    See if installing this plugin to allow shortcodes in widgets (i.e. html widget) you can use the shortcode form in a html widget as you would in a post. You’ll have to generate the links to your files yourself, rather than specifying a folder as the downloads-box does. Once I have some time I will re-code it to support multiple instances.

    Sergio Zambrano
    August 12, 2010
    6:48 am

  30. Sergio will do. Thanks for the help.

    August 12, 2010
    12:32 pm

  31. How do you get the little mini-icons next to the download links? I don’t see anywhere in the plugin you can do that.

    August 20, 2010
    1:28 pm

  32. Darrin:
    It’s not intended to be changed/added by you, and it’s not in the plugin code. You can edit the css file “download-icons.css”, though, to change the icons. There are more icons in “filetype_icons” folder than actually linked to extensions in that css file.

    Sergio Zambrano
    August 20, 2010
    9:45 pm

  33. you have a great plugin! installed in WP 3.x test site and it works like charm! thanks. hope to see more in the future devs.

    September 27, 2010
    3:29 am

  34. Hi i realy like the simplicity of the plugin but was wondering if a version with the need to register will be developed?

    thank you

    also icons are not showing up for some reason


    October 7, 2010
    4:14 pm

  35. It DOES ask you for you to register in order to download the files. Your installation must have some issues since you can’t see the icons either. Check for info regarding wp installation folder on the instructions.

    Sergio Zambrano
    October 8, 2010
    7:46 pm

  36. This has been asked before, but how can I make the files downloadable without having to be logged in. In a previous comment you mentioned a link to a plaugin that does this, but I couldn’t see that link..

    Is there a place in the code I can modify to ‘trick’ it into believing they are already logged in?

    October 12, 2010
    8:53 am

  37. Thanks! You have a great idea for a plugin, but I was wondering if it will allow me to insert an image into a post, and change the link URL to point to a PDF, and have a caption on the image. I take screenshots of all my downloadable PDF files so that people can see a thumbnail of the actual document they’re downloading. This looks much better than plain text links with filetype icons. What would the code look like?

    I have gotten this far, but the PDF icon is displayed inside the border and moves the image out of alignment with its border. (I know very little about code so please forgive me if this is a complete mess!)

    [downloads_box title="" nocredit="yes"]
    <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a>Condominiums

    October 13, 2010
    7:14 pm

  38. That idea about combining the images and captions into the plugin for stiled downloads sounds like a whole website design or back-en for a shop site, embedded into WordPress core!.

    The issue you mentioned is explained on the plugin’s info pages:
    Select an extra line before and after the link before to click the downloadsbox button, to prevent the code for the button being built inside the anchor text, instead of wrapping-up the whole link.

    I can’t tell wether your example’s anchor text is outside the link due to downloadsbox’s malformed shortcode… Anyway, make sure your link is valid and properly constructed before using the downloadsbox button.

    Sergio Zambrano
    October 13, 2010
    10:10 pm

  39. Travis:
    Just replace both functions called “is_user_logged_in()” by “true”, to have the plugin to behave as if the user was always logged in.

    The plugin I mentioned was to bypass the confirmation email after registering, and log-in the visitor right away, trusting in his credentials (you don’t care about them seriously registering or not) but I never released it, since it is very sensible to updates and don’t know all the needed hooks to make it work without touching the core.

    Sergio Zambrano
    October 13, 2010
    10:57 pm

  40. Hello Sergio,

    Thanks, for the great plugin, which I installed without a hitch. I’m not savy enough to make it download anything!
    On my site, I see the Download the files here button and the next line shows Edit_this_link.txt.

    Should I replace the Edit_this_link.txt with the file and extension of what I plan to download? After that, what other shortcode should I replace or add? Also, can I show more than one file to download?

    I thank you very much for any advice because I’m very anxious to make this work.


    Curtis Mitchell
    October 14, 2010
    3:23 pm

  41. Curtis: My apologies, I though I replied your comment time ago… but it seems something happened before I hit the submit button.
    About the plugin showing the “Edit_this_link.txt”… it’s the dummy text the plugin creates when you click the button on the post editor toolbar having NOTHING selected. If you select your links (plus one line before and after if it’s a single link) it won’t show that dummy text.

    Sergio Zambrano
    October 30, 2010
    2:12 am

  42. i have one question how to disable the popup that says (you’ve just got access to this download) ?

    November 13, 2010
    6:57 pm

  43. Do you have an instructional upon installing? I need help attaching the files on one of my sites. Please help.

    November 20, 2010
    9:04 am

  44. Hi i just installed your plugin, but nothing appears in my tool box. I cant find any button where i can put in a file that my readers can download. Activated and deactived the plugin, but the same problem..i have the latest version of your plugin.

    November 25, 2010
    5:34 pm

  45. FirstKnight:
    In order to remove the popup just open the downloads-box.php file and remove following:
    <div id='callout_cont'><div id='callout'>You&lsquo;ve just got<br/>access to these<br/>downloads<a href='javascript://return null;' onclick=';none&quot;;' rel="nofollow"> close</a></div></div>

    Sergio Zambrano
    November 28, 2010
    3:53 am

  46. Sandra:
    Go to “Add New” under “Plugins” in the left column of your dashboard and once there search for “downloads box”. You’ll see it listed in the first page. Then just click “install”.

    Sergio Zambrano
    November 28, 2010
    3:57 am

  47. Bahlool:
    There’s no button for “adding files”. This plugin either allows you to “surround” the list of links you already added to your post, OR to select a whole folder to be shown in your sidebar. The latter is a “widget” and it’s on the widgets section of your dashboard.

    Sergio Zambrano
    November 28, 2010
    3:59 am

  48. Hi,
    I very new to wordpress and blogging. I have downloaded your download box and activated but I can’t see what to do next. There does not seem to be anything relating to your plugin on the toolbar. I’m probably missing something very obvious so I do apologise in advance.
    Many thanks, Maria

    November 29, 2010
    7:09 pm

  49. Maria:
    I just installed it in a fresh WP blog and it works fine. Make sure you are looking at the toolbar in “visual” view, not “html”.
    Also, expand the toolbar. It can be hidden along with other buttons until you click a little button like a swatches palette (little color dots aligned in a grid resembling a color palette in graphic application)

    Sergio Zambrano
    November 30, 2010
    3:19 am

  50. A-ha, Found it. Thank you so much for your quick reply:)

    November 30, 2010
    8:00 am

  51. Sorry to bother you again Sergio. I have managed to create a box and download a file but there is no requirement for the user to register before downloading. Has this aspect been removed or am I missing something again?

    November 30, 2010
    8:49 am

  52. Maria: Wrapping up a single link with the downloads box button breaks the code. Try two links (two lines of text) or selecting one extra line before and after your link BEFORE to click on the button.
    Once you see the code the button generates, you can do it yourself next time, or just fix what you got. The bug is documented.
    This is wrong
    <a href="http://your.downloads.url.pdf">[downloads_box title="Download title here"]
    Your link's anchor text

    This is right
    [downloads_box title="Download title here"]
    <a href="http://your.downloads.url.pdf">Your link's anchor text</a>

    Sergio Zambrano
    November 30, 2010
    7:50 pm

  53. Great plugin. Not only does it work in situations where other plugins will not, but it also supports multiple download links.

    Excellent work. Now if we could find easier the ability to get rid of the link back, or to make that an affiliate link… that would be really perfect, because I’d promote the heck out of it. Lol

    If anyone wants to know how to set up multiple download links, it’s actually very simple. Just create the download links as you normally would, one on top of the other, then copy & paste the links list before the plugin’s [/] shortcode closing bracket, where the dummy link gets created by the downloads-box button (having nothing selected).

    John Flynn
    December 27, 2010
    3:58 pm

  54. Hi there!

    Great plugin! I used it on a WordPress site I’m working on!
    I have a small question, is it possible to include other characters in the name? I mean I tried to insert the ‘è’ and ‘é’ character in the name and the widget can’t show these characters… have an idea?

    Samuel Bellemare
    December 30, 2010
    6:40 pm

  55. How do I get rid of the callouts box that popsup saying you’ve just got acces to these downloads.

    Anders Kitson
    January 3, 2011
    7:10 pm

  56. Never mind I just edited your css file and put display none on #callout_cont Thanks this is exactly what I needed

    Anders Kitson
    January 3, 2011
    7:14 pm

  57. Samuel:
    It works fine in my theme, as you can see the accented ‘o’ in ‘Downloads’. There must be some problem with your html head enconding. make sure it shows UTF8. You can also try to set the language of your blog to english, since there could be a bug on the core (languages other than english are usually less debugged than english version). MAKE SURE to check wordpress recommendations for language change first! to prevent database corruption.

    Sergio Zambrano
    January 3, 2011
    11:01 pm

  58. Hi

    Just wondering if you can ask people to use a special code to access the files.

    i.e. enter CHKAU to download your free MP3?

    January 24, 2011
    7:20 pm

  59. Hey there, awesome plugin.

    I’d really like to have a download box in the sidebar and then select which directory to scan for files based on which page the user is on. Is there any way to do this?

    Perhaps duplicating the widget functions and creating different widgets to use on different pages? The site I have in mind only has three pages.

    Many thanks!

    February 2, 2011
    6:39 am

  60. Seems Im having bother with this, fresh install of wordpress and a fresh install of your download box, but I am unable to see the “icon” in the editors (visual) toolbar.

    Can you shed some light on this?

    James Simpson
    February 2, 2011
    8:10 pm

  61. James:
    Make sure you expanded the toolbar with the little icon that looks like a color swatches palette (its tooltip says “show/hide kitchen sink”. If you don’t see two rows of icons above your “Visual View” post editor, you still need to find that button.

    Sergio Zambrano
    February 3, 2011
    2:53 am

  62. Al: You asked for it. You’ve got it!
    Downloads box has a new option called “page based”.
    It will look for a folder named the same as your page – sanitized name and will show the files inside that folder only. Now it’s your job to create the folders and organize them in your server.
    You can use “widget logic” plugin to choose what pages to display the widget or not.

    Sergio Zambrano
    February 3, 2011
    2:57 am

  63. Sergio, I’ve tried all that, i see two rows of icons but still nothing about the download box appearing.

    James Simpson
    February 3, 2011
    8:10 am

  64. Just updated to the new version that you released today, still nothing :s

    James Simpson
    February 3, 2011
    8:16 am

  65. Hi there,

    I may have missed something but I want a pdf to be downloaded once the clients have left me their email and contact details. Not quite the same as registering, they need to fill in some basic details to get to the download.

    Can I do this with your plugin? I can’t see it? It download fine, by the way.

    February 6, 2011
    8:27 pm

  66. Awesome work, many thanks Sergio – I think that is a great addition to this plugin!

    February 9, 2011
    3:23 am

  67. Hi Sergio,
    i want to upload a file with a pgp key in it. it come an alert that i can not upload this file because it is a security problem. how can i fix it!

    March 2, 2011
    6:33 am

  68. lain: This plugin doesn’t customize the required info to register. That’s on wordpress login side. Try with some plugin to do so. For me, the info at registering was enough. If you want more look for “content dripping”, “subscriptions”, “gradual content” or “membership” plugins.

    Sergio Zambrano
    March 3, 2011
    4:46 pm

  69. Steve: Try uploading the file with a different system. If that message you say is from Wordpres, try FTPing it. If that’s a message from your hosting control panel, try uploading with WordPress.
    Compressing the file will most likely fix it.

    By the way, there’s no icon image for pgp files. Get one from the web or modify any of the included ones, upload it to “filetype_icons” folder and then add it to the css file. Just duplicate any of the existing definitions and change the class name and background image to the icon you made. You’ll understand the pattern when you see it. Let me know if it’s not that easier.

    Sergio Zambrano
    March 3, 2011
    4:59 pm

  70. Can it be embedded in the template, instead of posts/pages?

    March 29, 2011
    6:05 am

  71. Alex: I haven’t tried it yet, but try with this:

    < ?php downloads_folder = 'downloads'; //path from your domains root $downloads_page_based = 0; $title ='Downloads'; downloads_box_nocredit = 0; $downloads_box_description = 'Downloads box description"; list_downloads($downloads_folder, $downloads_page_based, $title, $downloads_box_nocredit, $downloads_box_description); ?>

    Let me know what happens.

    Sergio Zambrano
    April 4, 2011
    5:38 pm

  72. Hey, I like the idea of this plugin.

    I know you guys have an icon in the WordPress dashboard.

    But was wondering if there is a shortcode for implementing the functions of this plugin.

    We’re hoping to be able to use it through the Buddypress post box which does allow for shortcodes.

    Please let me know. Your good response is appreciated.

    – Jeff –


    May 6, 2011
    6:20 am

  73. Yes, I’ll include a shortcode version soon. First I need to emulate the css3 behaviors for IE7, at least, with jQuery. For now I released it as an admin tool.

    Sergio Zambrano
    May 19, 2011
    6:55 pm

  74. Hi, I’m trying to use this plugin for wordpress but the plugin download from wordpress does not have the filetype_icons folder. If possible I would like a copy of the icons. Thanks

    May 28, 2011
    4:05 pm

  75. Mareshah:
    I’v uploaded the missing folder. Although it was in the trunk, it wasn’t in the latest version folder, which I though was NOT the one the regular download action would take.
    Anyway, my bad. There it is complete again.
    For all the ones who figured it out using previous folder, congrats!

    Sergio Zambrano
    July 20, 2011
    2:37 am

  76. Stop Second Callout?
    I’m using two instances of your “Downloads Box” on the same page; one for documents and one for related web links. Unfortunately every visitor sees two instances of the Callout box (the “You have permission…” box on the right).
    Is there a way to turn off one of them?

    July 21, 2011
    3:24 pm

  77. Does the template of this Download box can be customized?

    September 9, 2011
    11:38 pm

  78. BioGuy:
    Not at the moment. Most of us prefer one Callout per box.

    Sergio Zambrano
    September 11, 2011
    8:44 pm

  79. napster: Not without coding skills.
    Of course all the php is in your plugins folder and the css can be modified, but not from the admin panel like a playful theme.

    Sergio Zambrano
    September 11, 2011
    8:54 pm

  80. Hello Sergio, first of all thanks for this great plugin! The only problem that i have with it, is that i need to configure it so everyone can download the files, not only registered people. Can you please help me with this? Thanks!

    November 17, 2011
    10:44 am

  81. Cristian:
    The main purpose of this plugin is to encourage registrations.
    Email me if I can develop a specific plugin if you want something different, or if you know how to dive in php code without putting your blog down, just replace both occurrences of is_user_logged_in() by a number 1.

    UPDATE: I just updated the plugin. It includes a new feature to waive registrations. You can select them from the widget or the shortcode. Instructions for the shortcode in the read-me file and instructions page.

    Sergio Zambrano
    November 24, 2011
    3:19 am

  82. Hi, this plugin looks like exactly what I need but the link says ‘plugin not found’ – is it available under a different name now? Or can someone suggest something else similar? Thanks!

    August 22, 2012
    10:33 am

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